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How to develop your business with a subscription model?

December 2, 2021 | grandstands

Salesforce is a partner of France FinTech for a few years now.
In this editorial, Salesforce highlights its white paper "How to grow your business with a subscription model?" »

Subscription selling has the power to bring the business closer to its customers.

We searched for his Achilles heel for a long time without finding it: the subscription sales model might just be ideal. It guarantees the business regular income and higher margins throughout the life of the customer. With its lower barrier to entry, it promotes adoption and the development of a customer base. Better still, it allows you to deepen your relationship with them by dispensing with the intermediaries who traditionally ensure the distribution of products. So many qualities that (rightly) make Sisyphus dream for whom each new sale is a short-term victory.

For the company, the subscription model certainly represents a new beginning. This is usually part of a larger change to put the customer first. To successfully pivot your business model, it is necessary to follow several steps:

  • Rethink its products in all their facets: structure, pricing, delivery, analysis of use.
  • Envision the new end-to-end customer lifecycle, which requires a strong interconnection between all touchpoints, along the buyer's journey.
  • Develop new functionalities thanks to technology.



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