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Use case – Ornikar tackles the insurance market

Ornikar is attacking the insurance market after having democratized the driving license market, capitalizing on its unprecedented knowledge of the 3 million young people who have passed through its driving school. Ornikar intends to break the rents that still persist in the...

[Public Affairs] Position paper • Revision of PSD2

The European Commission organized a consultation on the revision of the second payment services directive (PSD2) between May 10 and July 5, 2022. This was to assess the application and impact of the directive currently in force...

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Episode #33 – Can finance save the forest? With Georgine de Saporta, founder and CEO of Treemium

Episode #33 - Can finance save the forest? With Georgine de Saporta, founder and CEO of Treemium
Money told
Description of the episode
The French forest, particularly valuable for the climate and biodiversity, is in the grip of multiple crises: increasing mortality, which has jumped by 80% in ten years, and massive dieback. As a result of these difficulties, the capacity of the forest to store carbon is decreasing: trees have removed 40 million tonnes of CO₂ (Mt CO₂) from the atmosphere per year on average between 2013 and 2021, compared to 60 Mt CO₂ during the previous decade. A major challenge, as France is committed to achieving carbon neutrality in 2050. What if financial and digital systems, designed to rationalize the treatment of the forest, were the key to its conservation? Does the subject intrigue you? I must say that I too was delighted to meet Georgine de Saporta, the founder of Treemium and my guest for this episode…

#169 Nicolas Benady (Swan): Reinventing banking – without being a bank

#169 Nicolas Benady (Swan): Reinventing banking - without being a bank
Inside the mind of a CEO
Description of the episode
In this episode we welcome serial entrepreneur Nicolas Benady, co-founder and CEO of Swan, who answers questions from Yacine Sqalli. 🎙️ Swan is a fintech that offers white label banking services such as the creation of accounts, cards and IBANs. The company was created in 2019 with Mathieu Breton and Nicolas Saison and the startup studio Hexa (eFounder), today employs more than 200 people. Nicolas shares his journey with us, from his beginnings in the startup PriceMinister to the creation of Swan, via Limonetik. With a rich and diverse experience in the world of fintech and entrepreneurship, he shares his learnings, his successes, and his difficulties with us. 🌟 In this episode we cover several topics such as today's finance and its innovations, the international growth phase and the importance of corporate culture, or even the meaning of life. Before Swan, Nicolas was already an entrepreneur but not CEO. What changes, and why now?

#3 Does breaking the money taboo start in adolescence? – Caroline Ménager – Pixpay – FULL EPISODE

#3 Does breaking the money taboo start in adolescence? - Caroline Ménager - Pixpay - FULL EPISODE
Just focus
Description of the episode
As a mother of 3 children and having grown up without pocket money in a family where money was taboo, Caroline Ménager co-founded Pixpay with two other parents. The objective: to break the taboo around money in families and introduce adolescents to financial management in a secure environment. Indeed, Pixpay is a fintech that offers a payment card for 10-18 year olds with an application for adolescents and another interface for their parents. After a rich career in large groups, she shares with us the key stages of this great entrepreneurial adventure: - the choice of the economic model, going against the current practices of the time - The merger with an Anglo-Saxon competitor while preserving their startup DNA - The impact of Pixpay in the financial education of adolescents. - His asset management following the cash out of his two fundraising events - his involvement in a committed theater play

Forestry group: the investment that sends wood

Safe haven - understanding everything about the economy
Forestry group: the investment that sends wood
Description of the episode
Some safe havens are surprising as they seem disconnected from the financial world. This is particularly the case for forestry investment groups: these companies offer to acquire plots of wood without placing the burden of management and maintenance on their owners. But there you have it, how do GFIs work? What is their regulatory framework? Are they good income opportunities? For what tax? In this new issue, the editorial manager of Mathieu Devaux-Sabarros receives the president of and financial investment advisor Raphaël Fleuri.

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