Insurance and companies: new territories for French Fintechs

Jan 2, 2023 | Publications

French Fintechs – financial services start-ups – will have several levers for action in order to make a difference in 2023 on the competitive market of financial services and business offers. This is announced by France Fintech on the occasion of its publication of the 2022 report of French Fintechs.

Innovations in insurance

New professional activities in financial services will be improved in 2023 thanks to the digitalization brought by Fintechs. France Fintech foresees a further acceleration of innovation in insurance services with the consideration of climate risks, cyber risks, connected objects and on-board insurance.

Fintechs will be able to position themselves on offers to companies and investors. Fintechs are increasingly attracting large companies and are starting to win major calls for tenders, rejoices France Fintech. This covers flow management, financing, liquidity-accounting management and human resources services, including the management of employee benefits.

Artificial intelligence and blockchain

France Fintech announces an increased role for technology by highlighting artificial intelligence and blockchain. Artificial intelligence and machine learning in particular contribute to user experience and risk analysis. As for the blockchain, it can be used on payments and transfers, on the creation of tokens and the financing of companies.

Overall, fintech solutions should contribute to secure operations, cyber security, algorithmic analysis and compliance. Overall, France Fintech announces a platformization of Fintech models with the expansion of services via, for example, “super apps” and the construction of complete courses. Finally, France Fintech provides for the internationalization of Fintech models.


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