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Monthly fundraising report - April 2020

April 30, 2020 | Barometers

A fairly good fundraising performance in April, given the exceptional context, with € 56,7 million for 4 operations (completion of operations initiated before the crisis). As a reminder, the funds raised in March were € 36,7 million.
Taking into account the excellent scores of the first quarter, the cumulative lifting since January 1, 2020 limited their reduction (-23,32% vs 2019). Finally, the average ticket for April (€ 14,2M) is in line with the average ticket accumulated since the start of the year (€ 15,5M), itself showing strong growth compared to the average ticket for 2019. (€ 10,9M).

Congratulations to Alan, EasyBlue, bOOK & Owl 👏

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