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November 12, 2020 | News, Other

Yomoni optimizes asset management by automating it… wisely!

Born in 2015, yomoni is a leader in the new world of robo-advisors. Its digital financial investment management platform offers life insurance, a PEA, a securities account and even soon a retirement savings plan. The secret of the house? A well-targeted personalization of the customer relationship supported by a clever mix of digital automation and human advice. 

The strength of a start-up model is measured, among other things, by its ability to ensure identical quality of service for 1 or 10 customers. “Scalability” combined with a quality customer relationship. While a number of models find it difficult to deliver the same experience under the pressure of too much growth, the best prepared pass the test of scaling up painlessly. Judge for yourself: zero customers at the end of 000, more than 2015 in mid-21 with growth exceeding 000% over the year and customer satisfaction in good shape: Yomoni cash in on the ramp-up without trembling. " We currently have 250 million euros in savings under mandate and we are aiming for one billion in 2022 », Declares Sébastien d'Ornano, executive chairman of Yomoni.

100% online and 100% automated products

A nugget of FinTech, Yomoni is a savings management company under a 100% online mandate that offers individuals a variety of financial product offers (PEA, life insurance, securities account, etc.) with management costs that are among the lowest in the world. Marlet. Differentiating elements: total transparency on the costs and the real returns of the various products, clearly detailed investment offers by level of risk and returns, and very fine personalization of advice. 

The subscription process takes place entirely on the Yomoni site with 23 very precise questions which allow to determine the profile of the future client, to estimate his appetite for risk, to understand his savings objectives and to offer him the best options. investments according to their individual criteria. A fully automated process in Salesforce who analyzes the answers to the questions and establishes recommendations consistent with the needs of each client. " We chose this platform from the start », Underlines Clément Berlioz, Chief Commercial Officer of Yomoni. " We were aware of the need for a robust and scalable solution capable of handling large volumes. Salesforce also has this rather rare ability to be able to adapt to regulatory procedures specific to the world of wealth management. »

The right balance between digital and human

From the start of the Yomoni adventure, CRM has been at the heart of all processes: “ CRM logic and the platform that supports it are present at every stage of the customer journey », As Clément reminds us. The financial information of each customer, performance, each interaction (chat, email, telephone, site navigation, etc.) are centralized in the database and continuously monitored. " The strong and weak signals coming from this database are picked up automatically and generate a certain number of alerts which allow us to launch actions towards the customer: sending of targeted information on a subject which concerns him, phone call if a stressful situation potential is detected for example. Our goal is to provide the right advice at the right time on the right channel. » 

If automation is at the center of the processes, Yomoni knows the importance of the human relationship for the maintenance of a high quality of the customer relationship. Connected to the “backbone” of Salesforce, a team of advisors, experts and all specialists in savings, take over when the situation demands it. With exemplary responsiveness: “In 2020, we have answered a chat question in less than 20 seconds and an email in less than 5 hours », Says Sébastien.

Data, the driving force behind Yomoni's future acceleration

In September 2020, Yomoni completed a third round of funding of 8,7 million euros from its historical investors in order to support the acceleration and achieve the objective of one billion euros in funds managed in 2022. With axes clearly identified development plans: enrich the platform with more customer services while maintaining the right balance between simplicity and richness of the offer, recruit new advisors, continue the automation of processes - especially marketing campaigns - and respond to the issue of data. " Our databases contain five years of interactions and information on the financial management of our clients. The objective is to derive maximum added value from all this data for our customers. This will require tools capable of analyzing this information, processing it in order to return it in multiple ways: mobile notifications, emails, alerts to advisors to call back a client ... We have only done a small part of the way. », Concludes Clément Berlioz. 

Today, all the signals are green for Yomoni to retain its leadership within the family of robo-advisors. The company can now consider deploying its strategy on a large scale and competing with the online banks it is already on the heels of.

Key figures

  • 21 customers in the second quarter of 000
  • + 40% of customers from the end of 2019 to mid-2020, despite the Covid-19 crisis 
  • 250 million euros in assets under management
  • + 35% on assets managed in the first half of 2020




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