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Finscale # 79

Finscale # 79 -Tristan Leteurtre (Mooncard) - Send 'Corpo' expense management to the stratosphere 💳 Episode description Actor in the world of payments and in particular in expense report management Mooncard intends to revolutionize ... Read More

FinTeach - Clément Carrier

FinTeach # 34 - Clément Carrier⎢Aria Description of the episode This week, I invite you to speak about a subject in full development - and which touches me particularly -: the development of freelancing. One of the major issues of many ... Read More

FinTeach - Joseph Choueifaty

FinTeach # 33 - Joan Choueifaty⎢Goodvest Episode description For this new episode of FinTeach, I welcome Joseph Choueifaty, the co-founder and CEO of Goodvest. Goodvest empowers savings. How? 'Or' What ? By making it grow thanks to ... Read More