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COVID-19: French fintech initiatives

April 6, 2020 | Official information

French fintechs are mobilizing in the face of the health crisis. Follow all of their initiatives below: 

Car Insurance
  • ALAN communicates by mailing and on his blog in order to specify the actions to be followed (repatriation, daily action, tele-consultation, etc.). The start-up is also implementing the plan "Thumbs Up", a free service program open to all for which it releases 1M €.



Banking / Pfm
  • BANKIN '
    - Call for donations to support caregivers: we call on our 4 million users to make a donation to the Fondation de France to support the national effort during this unprecedented period
    - Creation of the containment guide: every day users receive advice in the application to manage their money properly during this unique period (anticipate a drop in income, get reimbursed for their activities, have a loan during containment, etc.)
    - 45 days of Bankin 'Premium offered to help users manage their money better
    - Our Coaches remain available by phone and chat to help our users free of charge to take stock of their expenses and their situation



  • LYDIA sets up a special device for the attention of the medical professions and in particular doctors to optimize teleconsultations by allowing remote payment of customers. Support program for doctors in the process as well. FinTech also allows its customers to make donations to associations directly via their Lydia account (Hôpitaux de France, CHU, etc.). 


  • PAYKROM, banking solutions for entrepreneurs, self-employed and business leaders, makes its service free for entrepreneurs.


  • QONTO details all the services still available and sets up exceptional offers (ex: 2 months offered to new customers, virtual cards offered etc…).


  • ANAXAGO allows, for investments operating in the hotel industry, emergency accommodation and managed residences, a postponement of 3 months all coupons due between March 1 and April 30 (still subject to investor vote). Anaxago also allows a deferral of all depreciation due between March 15 and April 30. Extension of 3 months possible on request. Anaxago communicated also to all of its investors.


  • AIR, put his recovery service available to the self-employed free of charge. This offer will be valid for the duration of the crisis in France.


  • CASHLAB will offer its SaaS solution for managing and forecasting cash flow free of charge.



  • FINEXKAP reimburses the subscription fees for the Cash Solo and Cash Création offers.


  • KRIPTOWN participates in the establishment of the collective “Act For Entrepreneurs” : a partnership with Business Angels networks which aims to help startups and SMEs to obtain funding to offset the economic impact of Covid-19.



  • MANSA is a platform that allows freelancers and freelancers to have access to bank loans within 24 hours. The use of the cash loan helps freelancers to make the link between the crisis and the recovery! The team has doubled its customer support workforce to support its customers.


  • OCTOBER Freezing of capital repayments for 3 months and non-deduction of our monthly fee for 3 months. LEARN MORE




    ✅ First measure: creation of a guide output listing the contacts to know to get out of the crisis excluding government assistance (factoring, procurement, financing, etc.).
    ✅ Second measure: opening of the merchandise purchasing service to categories that are usually refused, namely:
    • Products comprising standards assigned by laboratories,
    • Pharmaceuticals,
    • Perishable products (food type).




  • YOUNITED CREDIT will offer loans at the symbolic rate of 0,01% for professionals fighting against Covid-19: credits up to € 3000 over 12 and 24 months. The operation, financed by the company's own funds to the tune of 5 million euros, will be available until this envelope is exhausted.


Investments and wealth solutions


  • LITA As a committed investor, solidarity also involves investments: more than ever, it is important to support companies and associations with a social & ecological impact. To promote this solidarity, investment costs are free on !


  • WEEFIN proposes a " survival kit " outlining tips on how to get the most out of telecommuting. In particular the tools used and the good practices put in place.


Regtech - Risks
  • NIGMA offers a free “risk score” type analysis (in due diligence report format) at the request of SMEs and start-ups that express the need, and publishes a Middle East regional analysis on the evolution of the virus. More information


Payment services
  • ANTELOP helps issuers urgently launch contactless and secure payment solutions to face the current crisis.



  • OBVY, through Clapp, created a solidarity platform mutual aid on which individuals and professionals can share free geolocated services for caregivers.




  • PAYTWEAK, launched on April 20, 2020 the secure payment service The service is offered free of charge and without obligation for all French professionals during the crisis.


  • SOAN offers its service for 3 months.



  • VOXPAY In this difficult period, Voxpay wishes to support autoentrepreneurs, and small businesses, by allowing them to accept remote orders and consultations in complete safety. The payment links subscription by SMS, email, and chat will be free, without obligation, until April 30.


  • WEBHELP partners with AP-HP for the launch of covidom, an app that monitors patients at home. Webhelp will scale up the platform using its customer service expertise.


Operational services
  • SWEET 8 webinars organized to present to all leaders the social and fiscal measures to help them fight against the consequences of the coronavirus. Each webinar was live and lasted approximately 1h15. At the same time, the articles are updated regularly. Access to articles



  • JENJI participates in the fight against Covid-19 by offering its expense management solution free of charge to all health centers until the end of 2020.


  • IPAIDTHAT All new users can benefit from the service free of charge for 2 months. iPaidThat supports its customers by providing increased monitoring and assistance for the implementation of COVID-19 devices to all. 


  • KANTOX #PayItForward is an initiative of solidarity with the travel industry and asks companies that can afford it to commit financially to their trusted suppliers. Learn more


  • LIBEO organizes webinars to help start-ups cope with the crisis. To access the latest webinar "How to finance your startup taking on the crisis" is this way, just register to access the replay! To access the latest articles from the Libeo blog (especially on webinars), go to this way !


    - Individualized follow-up of each client: in order to understand their situation and needs; and thus offer personalized support;
    - Online training to help companies manage their professional expenses remotely;
    - CFO Connect: community of CFOs in Europe and the US (+3k members) who exchange daily and share their practices / tools / solutions to support companies in meeting the challenge of teleworking.
    - Free provision of its tools to cross this period of uncertainty more calmly: 1 month of free use for all new customers. Discover


  • ALL AID created a page which lists all the aids put in place for companies in this Coronavirus crisis.



Discover the initiative #ProtegeTonCareant, launched by a collective of artists, entrepreneurs and citizens, including Céline Lazorthes. Its goal: to buy protective equipment and medical devices to compensate for the current shortages and deliver them directly to the establishments that need them. More information and possible donations on the site

Discover #SmartRecover a collective that implements efficient and concerted actions so that your companies are paid without a hitch. This collective was launched at the initiative of Fabrice Develay, founder of Gcollect and also founded by 5 other fintech specialized in cash collection: Aston ITF, Factomos, bOOK, Streammind, Tresoria.
More information on the website

Our partners are also mobilizing. Discover their initiatives: 


  • DS LAWYERS hosted webinars to help start-ups manage the crisis and understand the support mechanisms available. 


  • EXPERIENCE : In response to the crisis, several public and financial institutions have launched financial support programs to help companies control the impact on their activities. The release of such aid is also of interest to fraudsters who are already attempting claims on the basis of fictitious companies. Lending organizations must therefore more than ever take care to limit these risks of fraud in order to come to the aid of legitimate actors. For this, it is essential that they have the tools capable of segmenting, selecting and qualifying solvent profiles. Experian thus offers to integrate new information into evaluation models with the solution. Web Data Insights able to assess the relevance of a business based on its web presence. The solution allows thelending agency complete their assessments and businesses to prove their legitimacy through alternative data analysis.



    • LexisNexis has created a average global monitoring of coronavirus data.
    • Elsevier (subsidiary of RELX group), a global information analytics company specializing in science and health, has established a new coronavirus center with the latest medical and scientific information on COVID-19.
    • A new COVID-19 clinical toolkit has been developed to help clinicians stay abreast of standardized and evidence-based practices for the treatment of patients with COVID-19.
    • The subsidiary Reed Exhibitions in Vienna worked with the city to transform its exhibition space into a hospital.
    • Also offers a webinar on cybercrime


  • SALESFORCE makes its “Marketing Cloud Social Studio Pro” software free for 3 months. Also provides the software “Quip Starter Edition”Until September 30.

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