Inside the head of a CEO
#99 Louis Chatriot (Alma): part 1 on icons and fundraising, and Buy Now Pay Later
Description of the episode
“The concept of unicorns is a concept that makes no sense. 🤑 For this new episode, we discuss with the excellent Louis Chatriot, CEO and co-founder of Alma, who answers Yacine Sqalli's questions. Alma is our French nugget of Buy Now Pay Later. Since 2018, the startup has been offering payment in installments to SMEs. Alma is above all 400 employees, 10 merchants supported, 000 billion € in volume of transactions each year, more than 1,5 million euros raised (not counting half a billion € in debt). The startup is a member of the NEXT 200. 🇫🇷 🦄 Louis went through Stripe, learned to code at 40 years old, and plays Tetris during his calls (game he developed himself). An episode without filter! On the program for this first part 🦄 The concept of unicorns: nonsense? 🤑 His vision of fundraising 🥖 The French market: "a weird market" 🦸 ♀️ Alma: obvious 🧠 His curiosity, code and games Thank you Louis for your feedback ✨

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