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"While waiting for the R: Evolution"

October 12, 2020 | News, grandstands

Dear friends of the fintech ecosystem.
We will meet (finally!) On Thursday, October 15 at Station F.

This fifth edition has a very special character.
Originally scheduled for last spring, it has of course been postponed for the reasons you know.
After having consulted at length with our members and partners, we decided to hold our annual event “face-to-face”, of course with all the necessary health precautions, including fewer places available than usual, in order to ensure the best possible the safety of participants.
Entrepreneurs and their partners have indeed indicated their strong intention not to “give in to the virus” and their need to exchange views.

French fintechs are of course, like all companies, strongly impacted by this unprecedented crisis, both in terms of activity and financing. But they are holding up and have raised more than 500 million euros since the start of the year (against 900 for the entire year 2019). They have adjusted their system, reduced their costs and sometimes adapted their model.
They are resisting and generally benefiting from the increased use of digital services that characterized this period.
We will share "news from the front" during this day and think together about the future.

Commentators of all kinds wonder about the nature of this “after”. Will everything resume as before, will the crisis accelerate previous trends or will a new world emerge after the long-awaited vaccine? When one has, like me, a long experience of crises, one knows very well that the truth undoubtedly resides in a synthesis of the three, in a proportion which remains to be determined.

It is therefore an excellent time to reflect together and that is what we will do around five stages on which many experts from all disciplines and our entrepreneurs will intervene.

We chose the title Beyond Frontiers, beyond borders, to mark “the great decompartmentalization” (one could have said deconfinement!) which characterizes this era: national borders first of all, both fintech and innovative financial services are becoming international. But also the walls between types of clienteles, which have structured the financial industry and are more and more porous: the "millennials" will have a professional life less and less linear, alternating between wage employment, entrepreneurship, periods of retraining and will require follow-up for their entire financial life, both private and professional. In the same way, the partitions between the finance professions are pierced on all sides, with SMEs financing themselves through market techniques, the growing interpenetration of banking and insurance, and new hybrid professions, such as crowdfunding, both a loan and an investment service. FinTech are also built on this principle of hybridization and decompartmentalization, combining technologies from very diverse origins (IA, Blockchain, IoT, algorithms, etc.), imported process bricks and last but not least human skills. extremely plural in their origin.

Developments and innovations in terms of technologies, uses, regulations and models will be discussed through round tables, interviews and testimonials from high-level speakers such as Maurice Lévy (“How to build a global giant from France”), Jean de La Rochebrochard (“Playing to win”), Juan Lobato (“Behind the scenes of the takeover of Ebury”), Henri Moissinac (“Orthogonal innovation and lessons from the Valley”), Gilles Grapinet (“Birth of a European giant payments ”), Fabien Versavau (“ Applications of 5G to financial services ”), Elham Kashefi (“ The fantastic potential of quantum computing ”), Emmanuel R. Goffi (“ Trust and ethics in AI ”), Fanny Parise (“Frugalism”), Alexandre Mars and Marion Darrieutort (“Philanthropy and Business model with impact”). Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy and Finance and Denis Beau, first Deputy Governor of the Banque de France will come to share with us the vision of the State and the Central Bank in this difficult period to analyze.

We will not fail to address the societal themes essential to understanding the ecosystem. We will thus deal with new uses, lifestyles and expectations of new consumers. But also the central imperative of responsible finance, financial education, “green” fintech, new models of innovation. Finally, the consequences of the aging of the population.
We will take this opportunity to update our vision of the relationships between start-ups and large groups and the central issue of financing.
Particular emphasis will be placed on insurtech and the latest generation of data exploitation (and protection) applications with round tables on “new credit”, open banking and cybersecurity.

We will reflect with the well-known numerician Aurélie Jean, on the place of Europe facing the USA-China giants match.
Finally, as is traditional for Fintech R: Evolution, we will seek to take a step back and take a step back by having journalist Michel Turin, author of a corrosive book on the digital economy, testify.

And then and of course we will share the feedback from our members and partners with in total more than 200 fintech, assurtech and regtech, young shoots, start-ups and scale-ups that will be present.
We will end the day with an explosive and refreshing intervention ... 

So, meet on Thursday, October 15, 2020 from 9:00 a.m. to 19:00 p.m. at Station F to experience the 5th edition of Fintech R: Evolution, Beyønd Frontiers! 




Alain Clot, President, France FinTech


1 Source: France FinTech

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