Study | French fintechs raised €919M in 2023, a level down 70% compared to 2022 but equivalent to 2020

December 17, 2023 | Publications

A contraction which reflects a general wait-and-see attitude among investors in Europe (-68%) and around the world (-61%). However, France remains the leading market in the European Union with 18% of funds raised, ahead of Germany (€707M, 14%) and the second market in Europe behind (far?) the United Kingdom which displays an amount equivalent to €2 billion or 42%.

In particular, it would be the large investors – participants in the C series – who would have missed the call. Bootstrapping remains efficient, thus supporting innovations. (45% of the amounts raised).
For 2024, the France Fintech teams predict a start to the year following on from the end of the year, marked by growth in activity focused on profitability under constraints that remain strong on the financial resources side.



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