Study – Morale of fintech entrepreneurs: reasoned optimism

December 20, 2022 | News, Studies, Sector views

Feedback on the results of the study presented by Francois Miquet-Marty on October 20, during FinTech R:Evolution #FFT22

To review his speech: Morale of fintech entrepreneurs

Fintechs are currently evolving in a paradoxical situation, characterized on the one hand by sustained growth and, on the other, by a deterioration in the economic and geopolitical environment.  It seemed essential to us to assess the state of mind of our entrepreneurs, their level of confidence and their intentions in such an uncertain and unclear context and to compare their responses to a representative panel of leaders from other sectors. To do this, France FinTech and the Observatory on the Economic Future Viavoice, in partnership with the GCF, carried out a study, the results of which are given below. This survey was distributed between September 8 and October 6, 2022, to 311 fintech executives and 434 business decision-makers. What you must remember :

  • Fintech leaders are confident in the “development of demand” (41%), and the “ability to monetize it” (29%) 
  • Young shoots (companies in the start-up phase of less than two years) count invest first in the human ressources (80%), the marketing and communications (69%), while fintechs with more than 50 employees want to invest mainly in the technological development (67%) and the international Development (63%).
  • Many of our entrepreneurs anticipating a recession as early as 2023 (30%), a score much higher than that given by executives of private companies in general (16%).
  • In particular, they provide for funding difficulties (38%) and recruitment (30%)
  • In total, " cautious optimism prevails: 62% of Fintech leaders say they are “fairly” optimistic about their company (24% “very” optimistic).



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