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Study on gender diversity in the fintech ecosystem

December 3, 2018 | Studies

A few months after the publication of our Women in Fintech - The French Powerlist initiative, we are launching with Roland Berger, in partnership with Arkéa, a study on gender diversity in the fintech ecosystem. 

The place occupied by women is a central societal issue for all companies today, especially in the fintech sector, which has inherited the gender gap of finance and tech. Fortunately, as the Women in Fintech - The French Powerlist, the environment is changing and we note that the sector is becoming more feminine, moreover in key positions: the representation of women is diversifying across all business lines.

In order to better understand the changes and challenges of gender diversity within our global ecosystem, we are conducting this study on gender diversity in the fintech ecosystem, in 3 parts: 

  • Le premier, generalist, is made up of only two questions, the results of which * will allow us to establish a updated sector overview concerning the number of jobs generated by the sector. Your involvement is important so that France FinTech is able to provide you with qualitative data on the sector at a later date. 



  • The second is intended for women in executive positions in the fintech ecosystem. If you are concerned, you can still answer them: 

  • The third will highlight women selected from the responses of the first two sections, through qualitative interviews to be conducted in the fall. 

This study is aimed at all the players in our ecosystem: fintech, but also corporate and institutional partners, the media, public authorities, etc. who work for financial innovation and the development of the sector. 

While waiting for the results to be published, you can join our Women in Fintech - The French Powerlist initiative:

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