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Unmissable event in the entrepreneurial and financial world, Fintech R: Evolution brings together more than 1200 participants each year. Entrepreneurs, influencers, decision-makers, researchers, investors, journalists: the French and international fintech scene meets there to discuss and consider what the future may bring to the sector (discover the previous editions).

Destination: Excellence will be the theme of this new edition. Performance of fintechs in terms of security (standards, regulations, compliance), innovation and technological mastery (AI, open banking), factors conducive to their development, ability to scale (capitalization, ambition, entrepreneurial vision): so many subjects keys that will be at the heart of the discussions April 9, 2019 at Station F

From 13 p.m. to 19 p.m. there will be a series of keynotes, interviews and plenary round tables, as well as workshops, pitch sessions, demonstrations and speed-meetings in the heart of the largest start-up campus in the world. 


We are delighted to introduce you to our speakers. 


Antoine Bordes

Director of the European AI Research Center, Facebook

Agnes Pannier-Runacher

Secretary of State to the Minister of the Economy and Finance

Nicolas Montes-Edwards

Managing Director France, Raisin


Director of Innovation, Societe Generale Group


Fraud and Medium-Term Insurance Underwriting Manager, Euler Hermes


CEO, YesWeHack

Jean Luc Robert

President and CEO, Kyriba

Olivier Babau

President-Founder, Sapiens Institute

Jonathan Herscovici

Blockchain entrepreneur, business angel


Executive Director, Deputy Managing Director, Bpifrance


Director of the FinTech, Innovation and Competitiveness Division, AMF


Member of the steering committee, France FinTech, CEO, Qonto


VP France FinTech,
COO, Younited Credit

Carlos da silva

CEO, MisterFly


Partner, Mazars


CEO, Xaalys


Olympic champion, director of the strategic committee, LinkSports


PHD, entrepreneur, digital scientist

Person Stone

Deputy LREM, Rapporteur of the mission on virtual currencies

Alexandra Dublanche

Vice-president, Ile-de-France region


Strategy and Public Relations Director, Orange Cyberdéfense

Erwan Le Mene

Corporate & Business Development - M&A, Arkéa, co-founder EcoTree


Global head of Terra Numerata, Partner, Roland Berger


Founder, Future Positive Capital


Director Strategic Partnerships Europe, Ant Financial - Alipay

Cyril Chiche

Vice-president, France FinTech & CEO, Lydia


CEO, Korelya Capital


Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Shift Technology


Corporate venture, partnerships & digital, Arkéa


Mathematician, Deputy LREM, first vice-president of the Parliamentary Office for the Evaluation of Scientific and Technological Choices


VP France FinTech,
CEO, October


Member of the board of directors of France FinTech, Chairman of the board of directors of Anaxago


President, France FinTech


MC, journalist, author

And +120 fintech entrepreneurs to meet throughout the day.
Discover the entire program on our five spaces.



13 hours
Introduction & Welcome - Excellence, nothing less! 

Emilie Vidaud, MC, journalist, author
Alain Clot, President, France Fintech

13 hours

Speech - Fintech: a French ambition.

Agnes Pannier-Runacher, Secretary of State to the Minister of the Economy and Finance



14 hours

Crossed views - AI: where are we? Challenges and innovations for the financial industry.

Antoine Bordes, Director of the EU AI research center, Facebook
Aurélie Jean PhD, entrepreneur, digital scientist

14 hours
Keynote - Pari (s): new European center for innovative finance?

Cedric Villani, mathematician, Deputy LREM, first vice-president of the Parliamentary Office for the Evaluation of Scientific and Technological Choices

14 hours

Round table - FinTech for good & for people: what solutions for future generations?

Diana brondel, CEO, Xaalys
● Alexandra Dublanche, Vice-president, Ile-de-France Region
Sofia hmich, Founder, Future Positive Capital
Erwan Le Mene, Corporate & Business Development - M&A, Arkéa, EcoTree co-founder
● Moderated by: Emilie Vidaud, MC, journalist, author

15 hours
Interview - Place for fintech or fintech instead?  

● Arnaud Caudoux, Executive Director, Deputy Managing Director, Bpifrance
Alexander Prot, Member of the steering committee, France FinTech, CEO, Qonto

15 hours



15 hours 

Interview - Draw me a hexalicorn ...

Jean-Cyrille Girardin, Director Strategic Partnerships - Europe, Antfinancial - Alipay
Cyril Chiche, VP France FinTech, CEO, Lydia

16 hours

Panel Discussion Hackers and blockchain, prerogatives of the dark web or white knights of cybersecurity?

Nicolas arpagian, Strategy and Public Relations Director, Orange Cyberdéfense
Domitille Dessertine, Fintech Innovation and Competitiveness Division Director, AMF
● Pierre Person, Deputy LREM, Rapporteur of the mission on virtual currencies
Guillaume Vassault-H Crossle, CEO, YesWeHack
● Moderated by: Jonathan Herscovici, Blockchain Entrepreneur, Business Angel

16 hours
Crossed looks - Fight the fraud!

Sebastien hager, Fraud and Medium Term Insurance Underwriting Manager, Euler Hermes
Eric sibony, Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Shift Technology

17 hours



17 hours
Interview - Entrepreneur, Judoka, same fight? Is there a recipe for making the champions?

David Douillet, Director of the Strategic Committee, LinkSport, Olympic champion
Olivier Goy, Vice-president, France FinTech & CEO, October

17 hours
Panel Discussion French fintech: our training program to be among the world's heavyweights.

Claire Calmejane, Director of Innovation, Societe Generale Group
Geoffroy Guigou, Vice-president France FinTech & COO, Younited Credit
Alexandra Kritchmar, Partner, Mazars
Pellerin flower, CEO, Korelya Capital
● Moderated by: Emilie Vidaud, MC, journalist, author

18 hours
Different perspectives - Growing up in Europe: how to join the Champions League?

Carlos da silva, CEO, MisterFly
Nicolas Montes-Edwards, Managing Director France, Raisin



18 hours
Gender diversity in FinTech
Where are the women ?
Proposals to arouse plural vocations.

Axel Lemaire, Head of Terra Numerata, Partner, Roland Berger
Macha The Rise, Corporate Venture, Partnerships & Digital, Digital Entrepreneurship, Arkea
● Caroline Lamaud, member of the management committee of France FinTech, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Anaxago

18 hours
Keynote - Pirates and privateers?

● Olivier Babeau, PResident-Founder, Sapiens Institute

19 hours
ConclusionFlying to the moon ...

● Jean-Luc Robert, President and CEO, Kyriba

19 hours


In front of a jury of experts, our early-stage fintechs will take up the challenge of the 180 ”pitch to make you discover the quintessence of their innovative projects. The pitch sessions will be organized around the five main categories: Assurtech, Banking / PFM, Payment services, Financing, investment and savings services and Regtech, operations and infrastructure. Come and discover the future of the French scene!


Financing, savings and investment service



14 hours Pitch # 1
Tiphaine Saltini, CEO, Neuroprofiler

14 hours Pitch # 2
Thibaut Ingelaère, COO, Blockpulse

14 hours Pitch # 3
Pascal Lauffer, CEO, Onbrane

14 hours
Pitch # 4
Clement Francomme, CEO, Utocat

14 hours Pitch # 5
Ludovic Sarda, CEO, Pytheas Capital

14 hours Pitch # 6
Michael Mouque, CEO, TIPSmeee

14 hours Pitch # 7
Bruno Moncorge, CTO, Asset Market

14 hours Pitch # 8
Benjamin Pedroni, COO, Epsor

14 hours Pitch # 9
Alexandre Peroux, CEO, Fin Avenue

15 hours Pitch # 10
Tiffany Tinperman, CEO, Wefinup

15 hours Pitch # 11
Fabien Girard, co-founder, Dunforce

15 hours Pitch # 12
Jean-Christophe Boccon-Gibod, CEO, Eloa

15 hours Pitch # 13
Arnaud Mournetas, Managing Director, Kriptown

15h20 - 15h40 BREAK

Regtech, operations and infrastructure


15 hours Pitch # 14
Jérôme Verdiell, Associate Commercial Director, ABCSR

15 hours Pitch # 15
Charlotte gaudin, CEO, AML Factory

15 hours Pitch # 16
Alexandre bardin, CEO, Rubypayer

15 hours Pitch # 17
Philippe Gaborieau, CEO, Shoyo

16 hours Pitch # 18
Cedric Coiquaud, CEO, APPI





16 hours Pitch # 19
Nathalie Benchetrit, CEO, Assur Connect

16 hours Pitch # 20
Annabelle delestre, CEO, Lidix

16 hours Pitch # 21
Joao cardoso, CEO, Lovys

17 p.m. - 17:20 p.m. BREAK

Payment services

17 hours Pitch # 22
Thomas rougier, CEO, UDeal


Banking - PFM


17 hours Pitch # 23
Maxime Digue, Co-founder, Tiime

17 hours Pitch # 24
Alexandre david, CEO, Paykrom

17 hours Pitch # 25
Romane Cohadé, Growth Manager, Bruno

17 hours Pitch # 26
Noemie Nicod, CMO, Moneyway

17 hours Pitch # 27
Blaise Colomes, Operations Manager, Xaalys

17 hours Pitch # 28
Nagib Beydoun, CEO, Yeeld

An exclusive route will allow you to discover the activities of our start-ups which will offer live demos and networking. Come meet them throughout the afternoon.


Banking - PFM
CDLK Services
Connect transaction 

Regtech, operations and infrastructure

Financing, investment and savings services
Active Asset Allocation
Klein Blue Ratings

Payment services
moon card

The offspring of French fintech.

Enter our bubble to discover the feedback from the CEOs and creators of our scale-ups and unicorn seeds.

They will share with you their family secrets and good recipes. They will testify without concession and without joking and will comment on their career, an anecdote, a striking news, a scoop ... They will tell you their epics, their ups, their downs, their pivot, their vision of entrepreneurship. Discover their story!

An original format proposed by France FinTech and moderated by Laura Pironnet, Editor-in-chief, Fintech Mag

14 hours
Alexander Prot
, Co-founder, Qonto

14 hours
Edouard Vaujour
, Corporate Director, Evollis

14 hours
Cyril Chiche
, CEO, Lydia

14 hours
Houssem Asadi
, CEO, Dejamobile

14 hours
Christophe martins, Managing Director, Linxo

14 hours
Eric Mignot, CEO, + Simple

15 hours
Raphael Vullierme, CEO, Luko

15 hours
Joan Burković,
CEO, Banking

15:20 p.m. BREAK

15 hours
Olivier Goy, CEO, October

15 hours
Pierre Chapon, Co-founder, Pretto

16 hours
Geoffroy Guigou, COO, Younited Credit

16 hours
Pierre Rinaldi, Co-founder and COO, Sesamm

16 hours
caroline lamaud, Co-founder, Anaxago

16 hours
Gilles Raymond, Crediteo

16 hours
Stephanie Savel, President, Wiseed

16 hours
Hervé de Kermadec, Founder, Webhelp

17 p.m. BREAK

17 hours
Jean de Castet, CEO, Neon

17 hours
Frederic Georjon, CEO, Infotrie

17 hours
Charles of Gastines, CEO, Paylead

17 hours
Antoine Bascheria, CEO, Earlymetrics

18 h
Eva Sadoun, CEO, Lita



Thematic workshops around Hot Topics 2019 will allow our scale-ups to present their activities and deliver their feedback. These workshops will be led by our partners.


14 hours
Workshop # 1 - Open banking: what changes should we prepare for?
Animated by Bruno of Saint-Florent, Partner, Oliver Wyman

  • Christophe Bourbier, CEO, Limonetik
  • Clement Coeurdeuil, CEO, Budget Insight
  • Zakaria Laguel, CEO, WeSave


14 hours
Workshop # 2 - Challenger banks!
Animated by Philip Auther, Partnerships Director, One Point

  • Martin-Pierre Gaultier, CCO, Lemon Way
  • Mung Ki Woo, CEO, Ditto Services
  • Patrick Mollard, COO, iBanFirst


15 hours

15 hours
Workshop # 3 - What solutions to manage your money as an individual?
Animated by Philippe Jeanjean, Director of Partnerships, Vie Plus, Suravenir

  • Guillaume Autier, Managing Director,
  • Maxime Gely, Head of Investors,
  • Charlotte Thameur, CCO, Yomoni


16 hours
Workshop # 4 - Digitize the financial function to develop.
Animated by Francois Frelin, Partner, Julhiet Sterwen

  • Thomas forest, CEO, Pandat Finance
  • Eric Horlait, Managing Director, Afone Paiement
  • Frederico Volonteri, Product manager, Kantox

17 hours

17 hours
Workshop # 5 - Scaler by platformization.
Animated by Raphael Croteau, Sales Director France, Salesforce

  • Olivier Debeugny, CEO, Lingua Custodia
  • Paul Revolat, Customer Manager, CapSens
  • Christophe martins, Managing Director, Linxo

18 hours
Worshop # 6 - Innovation in risk management.
Animated by Helene Falchier, Partner, Portag3 Ventures

  • Stephane Rio, CEO, The ICA
  • Lionel simonCEO, Cardabel
  • Bertrand tillay, CPO, Scaled Risk


STATION F is the largest start-up campus in the world. Located in Paris, this project by Xavier Niel housed in a 34 square meter building brings together an entire entrepreneurial ecosystem under one and the same roof. 000 start-ups and many other members of the international entrepreneurial ecosystem are present on campus on a daily basis, making STATION F a unique place in the world.

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