#114 - Stéphane Rio (Opensee) - Risk management: the confusing data overdose
Description of the episode
Carrying out market activities for Banks, Asset Managers or Hedge Funds requires real-time monitoring of many risks and in particular market risk. Whether in the interest rate, foreign exchange, equity or commodity markets, whether it is necessary to monitor liquidity, volatility or counterparties, financial institutions struggle to meet regulatory requirements on the one hand and offer teams 'data driven' tools from the other. This is a "pain point" that Opensee solves for its customers. We are therefore looking further into this subject of risk management with Stéphane: its implementation, its evolution following the sub-prime crisis and more recently the Bale IV reform. You will see that this subject concerns a lot of people: Market Departments, Trading desks, Risk or finance and that one of the major issues concerns data. We see how the value proposition of this start-up present on three continents has evolved, look at the deployments it carries out and the specific needs of its institutional clients. I warn you that there is a bit of theory. We come back to the notion of "Value at Risk" and its limitations and understand the main differences with "Expected Shortfall". We close this discussion on the notion of “best execution” and Stéphane explains to us on this subject how Opensee can really unlock business opportunities for its customers.

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