#131 - Edouard Mandon (Numeral) - Automating and streamlining payments
Description of the episode
After great experiences in start-ups and scale-ups, Edouard decided to undertake. Co-founded with Logic Founders, Numeral enables businesses to send, receive and reconcile payments through their banks with a single API and Dashboard. It is a technical discussion, but not only accessible and fascinating. As I like to understand in detail, I asked Edouard to describe the Spendesk and Swile "use cases" to us to take what has been deployed, but also to perceive their value proposition and their USP. We cover many topics: the contribution of Logic Founders, the new customer integration project, the productization of banking integrations, maintenance, the European Payments Council, the business model… This in-depth discussion also brings us to talk about FinTech choices leaving their BaaS provider and its consequences. Finally we talk about market evangelism, development strategy and building an ecosystem.

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