#154 - J.D. Guyot and M. Galibert (Memo Bank) - Decarbonizing the economy through banking
Description of the episode
Glad to invite Jean-Daniel back to my podcast. This time, I associated Michel, its co-founder, with our discussion to come and talk to us about the environmental responsibility of the financial sector and about Memo Bank's commitment to the fight against climate change. They present their carbon footprint to us, they share their vision of the industry and how we can all work to transform it. You will thus discover that the Banque de France is a very good student and sets an example whether it is its investment portfolio or through climate criteria in their rating. I also had to take stock with them of the growth, profitability and scaling of this Bank, set up from scratch 4 years ago. Jean-Daniel details the steps taken since his first stint on Finscale, the way in which the scale-up was structured to promote and accelerate rapid and efficient growth. You will understand that the focus of Memo is the Product. A Technology at the service of customers that we dissect in detail. It is not for nothing that Memo is increasingly becoming the main bank for its customers.

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