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# 70 -Guillaume Autier (MeilleurTaux) - Feedback from a historical player in FinTech ⏪
Description of the episode
At the end of this discussion, you will have a complete overview of the Meilleurtaux Group's offer and understand how the intuition of its founder Christophe Cremer in 1999 today allows this French broker to hold a considerable market share in the market. intermediation of financial products and services. We look at the different verticals and discover the nature of the services offered, the relationships with financial institutions, new players such as Luko (Episode # 54) or Orange Bank (Episode # 51) and the positioning in the current ecosystem. It is also a question of the way in which this historical comparator informs and supports its customers, whether through its online platform, its remote advisers or in branch. We also cover how the infrastructure has evolved, the tools and processes made available to franchisees. Without going into details, we discuss the figures, the group's buyouts and relations with its shareholder Silver Lake. Finally, you will understand the role played by the essential Marc Fiorentino within the Group.