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# 27 - Rodolphe Ardant⎢Spendesk
Description of the episode
For this new episode of FinTeach, meet Rodolphe Ardant, founder and CEO of Spendesk, the expense management solution for companies. Together, we talked about the problem solved by Spendesk: the management of business expenses, but also recruitment and hypergrowth (how to go from 30 people to 300 in the team in 2 and a half years!), Alignment of different departments, the community of 6500 DAF created by Spendesk, CFO Connect, and much more. Spendesk announced its € 2021 million Series C in July 100 and is included in the French Tech 120 ranking for the second year in a row. It is for this reason that this episode is supported by a company that you surely all know: Salesforce. Salesforce supports a large number of companies in their growth. To develop, start-ups need to align their teams around the customer, throughout the contact cycle. So imagine, when they are in hypergrowth, like Spendesk, the structuring of their activities becomes essential. This is exactly what Salesforce allows with its integrated CRM platform. From sales to marketing to customer service: it offers a seamless end-to-end experience. This is also why some of our nuggets have chosen Salesforce to support their teams. To learn more about their solutions, visit In terms of resources, Rodolphe recommends: "The four steps to the epiphany" by Steve Blank on the product / market fit, "High output management" by Andrew Grove, to which he returns regularly. Good listening !