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Fintech Tour 2018-2019 I Toulouse I 24 Jan, 19

January 31, 2017 | Our Past Events

The French Tech #FinTech Thematic network, supported by 5 national and local initiatives (France Fintech, Finance Innovation, French Tech Brest +, French Tech Montpellier, LORnTech), wishes to contribute to the growth of more nuggets from our regions.

Its members are working to carry out 5 structuring actions in their Roadmap, with the objective of the growth and influence of FinTech startups in France and internationally.
Appointment for the 10th stage, Thursday January 24 in Toulouse: 
This 10th stage will relate in part to AI applied to the finance sector and will be an opportunity to celebrate the launch of the Toulouse FinTech association. This evening is free and open to all.

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