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France FinTech and BlackFin Tech publish the 2020 panorama of French fintech

January 31, 2017 | Press Releases, panorama

Paris, January 24, 2020 - Update October 15, 2020

For the fourth consecutive year, France FinTech and BlackFin Tech publish the Annual panorama of French fintech. In this new edition, nearly 600 innovative financial services companies operating in banking, insurance, regtech and asset management are presented. The activity of each one can be discovered by clicking directly on the logo concerned in the document.

This publication lists fintechs at all stages of development: start-ups, start-ups and scale-ups. The France FinTech and BlackFin Tech teams have established a precise nomenclature, structured around 7 categories and 27 subcategories, in order to better reflect the diversity of activities, professions and fields of application.

The number of players identified within the ecosystem continues to grow, a sign of the dynamism of the sector. It now covers all aspects of financial services and innovative models.
  • Funding: 22,1% of fintech.
  • Payment services: 14,9%
  • Regtech / Risks: 15,2%
  • Operational services: 14,5%
  • Investments and wealth solutions: 13,4%
  • Insurance: 12,2%
  • Banking / PFM: 7,7%

Data to be put into perspective with the amounts raised by French fintechs in 2019:

  • Operational services: € 379,75 million (or 54,3%) for 13 operations (20,3%).
  • Insurance: € 139,75 million (i.e. 20%) for 10 operations (15,6%).
  • Funding: € 47,4M (6,8%) for 14 operations (21,9%).
  • Payment services: € 43,6M (6,3%) for 7 transactions (11%).
  • Regtech / Risks: € 37,2M (i.e. 5,3%) for 5 operations (7,8%).
  • Banking / PFM: € 33M (or 4,7%) for 7 transactions (10,9%).
  • Investments and heritage solutions: € 18,3M (2,6%) for 8 transactions (12,5%)

Or € 699 million raised for an average ticket of € 10,9 million.

"2019 was seen as a record year in terms of fintech creation and fundraising. Beyond the numbers, our companies have matured and have become strongly internationalized. “Seeds of champions” are appearing everywhere and our leaders are now visible internationally. Much remains to be done, especially in terms of critical size. But the train is on and the prospects are promising ”  _ Alain Clot, President of France Fintech.

France now has two fintech unicorns - Kyriba (Franco-American) and iValua. The large fintech family is also prominently in the Next40 - 8 players - and in the newly created French Tech 120 with, in total, 17 start-ups which obtain the label and, with 13,8% of the ranking, are the sector. the most represented. Several fintechs are also included in international rankings (Fintech 100 KPMG, Sifted), although there is obviously room for improvement compared to American or Chinese players in particular.

2020, a promising start to the year

The challenges of this new year are multiple: internationalization, development and diversification of offers.
The attractiveness of our ecosystem is growing strongly, as confirmed by the first fundraising announcements of the year: Lydia (€ 40M) and Qonto (€ 104M), the largest fundraising campaign carried out to date by a French fintech. Both transactions were supported by global investors.

All these themes will be dealt with during our big annual event, Fintech R: Evolution le 23th April Thursday, October 15 at Station F, subtitled Beyond Frontiers. 

Aboute BlackFin Capital Partner
BlackFin Capital Partners is a sector fund dedicated to financial services in Europe. These businesses include in particular asset management, intermediation on financial markets, distribution and brokerage of insurance or banking products, fund administration, payments, outsourcing and management on behalf of third parties. and, more generally, any technology related to the financial industry.
BlackFin acts as an active and influential investor, providing support to efficient management teams, with a view to enabling their companies to reach important development stages.
BlackFin manages four funds, three of which are development capital and one private equity for a total amount of € 1,8 billion.
BlackFin Capital Partners is an independent management company, led by its four founding partners who have collaborated as managers and entrepreneurs in the financial industry for several decades. Today, the team is made up of 30 investment professionals spread across its three offices in Paris, Brussels and Frankfurt.

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About France FinTech
Created in June 2015 on the initiative of entrepreneurs, France FinTech is a non-profit association whose mission is to promote excellence in the sector in France and abroad and to represent French FinTechs to public authorities, the regulator and ecosystem. It brings together French FinTech, AssurTech and Regtech with the potential to become European or global leaders. All the players wishing to support this movement and be recognized as an integral part of the ecosystem have gathered around the start-ups: technology companies, investment funds, law and consulting firms, banks, insurers, industrial companies, public or associative entities, etc. The association is chaired by Alain Clot, and Kristen Charvin is its General Delegate. The Bureau brings together the founders of ANAXAGO, BANKIN, EPSOR, FLUO, LEDGER, LYDIA, OCTOBER, XAALYS, YOUNITED CREDIT.

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