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France FinTech takes stock of its carbon emissions with Greenly during Fintech R: Evolution and aims for neutrality with EcoTree.

November 20, 2020 | News, Press Releases

Paris, the 19 November 2020

France FinTech has partnered with Greenly, the leader in automated carbon footprint monitoring, to measure and offset its emissions relating to its annual Fintech R: Evolution event. France FinTech uses the Greenly platform to manage its carbon footprint and supports EcoTree forests to balance its balance sheet.

  • France FinTech establishes its greenhouse gas emissions report with Greenly, the specialist in the automatic measurement of the carbon footprint of individuals and companies. The association aims for carbon neutrality relative to Fintech R: Evolution, the benchmark event organized every year to bring together the fintechs of the French ecosystem, the last edition of which was held on October 15 at Station F.

  • The event's footprint was estimated by Greenly at 33 tonnes of CO2, or 33 kg per person (3 kg more than the daily emissions of an average French person). The methodology used is that of GHG-Protocol, international standard for carbon accounting. These emissions should be compared to the 4 tonnes per person at CES in Las Vegas.
  • The association thus intends to initiate a process of continuous improvement of its ecological balance sheet. The levers to be operated to further reduce the emissions of the next edition of Fintech R: Evolution have moreover been identified with Greenly: favor suppliers of sound and light services which are themselves committed to a carbon strategy, encourage carbon-free transport and, as far as possible, switch to vegetarian meals.
  • France FinTech relied to measure its emissions on Greenly's experience. The startup intends to innovate in the traditional carbon footprint market by automating data collection via open banking, in particular with the know-how of Linxo, another fintech. Greenly is thus able to estimate companies' emissions more quickly and more precisely. This methodology, enriched by an analysis of physical flows, allows Greenly to edit a carbon footprint more economically and reach more companies.
  • France FinTech now measures its emissions continuously beyond the event and no longer only during ad hoc and retrospective reviews, which constitute the approach adopted so far.
  • To offset its emissions, France FinTech has called on another startup in the ecosystem, EcoTree, the French forestry specialist, which intends to transform greenhouse gases into forests. The project currently being labeled by Bureau Véritas aims to create a “green lung” in the Louargat forest in the Côtes d'Armor. It will help prevent more than 2 tonnes of CO076 emissions. Taken over by EcoTree in 2, soil study and windrowing work was carried out as part of a project to reconstitute the Louargat forest. Douglas, red oak, Sitka spruce, Scots pine are planted and managed in irregular high forest favoring stands of different age classes. the Trico (natural repellent based on sheep fat) and individual protections for deciduous trees are placed after planting to preserve the natural balance of this ecosystem and biodiversity. Natural regeneration will be favored there by occasional interventions. The project, PEFC certified, is insured against climatic hazards and open to the general public. 


For Alexis Normand, CEO and co-founder:
« Everyone should follow and reduce their carbon footprint, not just big companies as they are today. The Citizen's Climate Convention has proposed extending the regulatory obligation to carry out an annual carbon footprint to all companies, compared to once every four years for very large companies. This is only possible if we have previously developed technologies to automate this tracking. We have no other choice but to innovate !" 


For France FinTech, this initiative falls within the broader framework of the ambition to involve the French tech ecosystem in the acceleration of the energy transition. This first assessment sets in motion an improvement process and makes it possible to highlight several good practices, in particular the involvement of France FinTech suppliers in the measurement and reduction effort.

For Kristen Charvin, CEO of France FinTech:
“This unprecedented partnership between France FinTech and Greenly is a new manifestation of our ambition for the fintech ecosystem in France. It mobilizes two other fintechs from our ecosystem: Linxo et EcoTree. Our entrepreneurs are increasingly seeking to integrate climate impact into their business model and the imperatives of sustainable development. French fintechs, always at the forefront of innovation and bearers of values, are aware of the need to deploy innovations that will accelerate the transition. Their association is committed to their side in this essential fight. In this regard, we are pleased to have selected a project on French territory to offset our CO2 emissions. The impact begins locally!


About Greenly

Created in October 2019 by Alexis Normand (CEO, former Health Director of Withings, HEC, Sciences-Po, passed through the Boston office of Withings and Techstars), Matthieu vegreville (CTO, X-Telecom, data scientist at Withings and Embleema) and Arnaud Delubac (UX / UI, ESSEC-Centrale, INSEE, previously in charge of digital communication at the office of the Prime Minister), the company Offspend SAS, launched in January 2020 the Greenly application, to allow everyone to measure and reduce their ecological impact , by analyzing its banking expenses and offering rewards and coaching to avoid emissions.

For more information, please visit the website
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About France Fintech

Created in 2015 on the initiative of entrepreneurs, France FinTech brings together companies using innovative and disruptive operational, technological or economic models aimed at addressing existing or emerging issues in the financial services industry and representing the main components of the sector. The association's mission is to promote the excellence of the sector in France and abroad and to represent French fintech to the public authorities, the regulator and the ecosystem. France FinTech is today the largest sectoral association of start-ups in France and in Europe. It is chaired by Alain Clot and Kristen Charvin is its general delegate. Its steering committee brings together the founders and directors of ANAXAGO, BANKIN, EPSOR, LEDGER, LYDIA, OCTOBER, XAALYS, YOUNITED CREDIT. In addition to its actions in regulatory and legislative fields, its numerous publications, its workshops and various meetings, the association every year organizes the benchmark ecosystem event, Fintech R: Evolution. 

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Kristen Charvin, General Delegate

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