France Fintech: DSP2 is good, DSP3 will be “much” better!

November 13, 2023 | Publications

Let us first remember that one of the major innovations implemented by PSD2 is Open Banking. And, in this matter, the difficulties in its implementation seem to have been numerous...
“The PSD2 had the merit of establishing a regulatory framework which made it possible to create business and have a certain credibility for these companies when raising funds. It marked an important first step if only through the creation of Open-Banking” notes Richard Boutet, director of public affairs at the btob fintech, Bridge.

A position confirmed by all the guests. “Thanks to this directive, increased competition has been created for the benefit of the consumer. Trust has been established in terms of payment and payment security has increased thanks to the implementation of a strong authentication system. (…) We can also consider that in this matter the majority of difficulties are behind us”



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