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Exclusive: explore the fintech galaxy in France

December 20, 2019 | Panorama, Publications

By Charlie Perreau, journalist at Journal du Net

Article published on December 19, 2019


“Partnerships between French fintechs, capital links with banks and insurers, collaborations with foreign fintechs… Discover our interactive mapping of the ecosystem.

Fundraising. Tech has just that word in its mouth. However, the dynamism of start-ups is not just about the amounts raised. Collaborations are also a good way to measure the activity of a sector. This is why the JDN carried out an interactive mapping of a particular ecosystem: the fintech French. In the animation below, you can consult the partnerships made between French fintechs (eg Pretto in the Bankin' app) but also those concluded with their foreign counterparts (such as Younited Credit and N26), as well as with French banks and insurers (notably Yelloan and Société Générale). »


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