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# 170 - Karim Jouini - Expensya - A new startup model? Multicultural, multi-currency and multi-country.
Description of the episode
Be multicultural, multi-currency, multi-country and let everyone feel that the solution is made for them. Karim Jouini thought of Expensya differently. He wanted to create a different business development model, a startup with international nationality, a company where efficiency will be maximized in each country. The bet is successful. Growth that doubles every 6-7 months and more than 400 people use their service to manage their expense reports, launched in mid-000 with an initial investment of € 2015, Expensya is now present in 100 countries. But what do Expensya do? They automate end-to-end expense management for their clients. Their vision goes even beyond: 000. Have the best technique for recognizing expense reports. 90. Having an interconnected ecosystem, being a real conductor and not just an expense manager. 1. Connect to payment cards to have total management, 2. How do we get there? How to manage this global use case? Why automate? How to automate difficult tasks and maintain human relations? How to create commitment in a company? Just as many questions that we answer with Karim in this episode.

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