Generation Do It Yourself
# 181 - Olivier Goy - Life - Life, illness, overcoming: memento mori
Description of the episode
Olivier Goy - Life It is easy to preach transparency when everything is going well, but when everything turns sour? When life is playing tricks on you? Successes and periods of grace are often too short a time in a human being's journey. We talk regularly on Generation Do It Yourself about failures, less about the abyssal trials that life imposes on us all: “Memento Mori” said the slave to the Roman general who paraded on his return from the victorious countryside: “Remember that you are going to die". But to build oneself, one must live with these trials, or even better: face them. This is the topic of the day. Olivier is one of the most beautiful encounters I have had on this podcast. We have forged a special relationship since our first episode, a relationship of trust. I know I can turn to him when I need an answer. It's always straightforward, simple and smart. Olivier Goy is my first guest to do a 3rd episode on this podcast, a very special episode. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Three words that changed his life in December 2020. Olivier has the courage to face his fears, and to talk about what this “Charcot disease” is changing for him, his family and his October company. Today I offer you a moving and above all very enriching episode. A discussion that brought me very concrete lessons and reflections on life. Understanding how he lives this moment, emotionally, psychologically, and physically in his life as an extraordinary entrepreneur is a source of inspiration and questioning that only a long podcast can grasp. I thank him for choosing Generation Do It Yourself to talk about it.

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