Generation Do It Yourself
#310 Jade Francine & Caroline Lamaud Dupont - Entrepreneurship and maternity leave: the importance of finding your balance
Description of the episode
Jade Francine & Caroline Lamaud Dupont This episode was born from a subject as universal as it reveals inequalities: maternity at work. During this 3-voice conversation, Caroline Lamaud Dupont, Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Anaxago, and Jade Francine, Co-founder and CEO of WeMaintain, candidly share the joys, difficulties and revelations they have found before, during and after their maternity leave. We discover two life trajectories that constantly intersect. Both entrepreneurs and in a relationship with one of their partners, Caroline and Jade have chosen to undertake in resolutely masculine environments: fintech and the maintenance of real estate equipment. When you become a parent, you remain an entrepreneur. In this sense, maternity leave encourages us to review the notions of freedom and balance. Then there is the famous letting go and the misses that allow you to do better the next time. They also discuss how companies like Caroline and Jade's are taking up this crucial subject. From this episode emerge many lessons shared with humility, which do not only affect mothers: When does maternity leave come as a moment of exchange with the teams, redirection and development for a company? Why is freedom of speech about motherhood good (at work) and not so good (in the media)? How to pick up during your parental leave without feeling out of the game professionally (and manage your impostor syndrome)? What approach for a fair distribution of tasks? How to see parenthood at work as a winning HR lever? We can think that women entrepreneurs have greater freedom vis-à-vis motherhood. This episode frankly reveals the questions that plague women entrepreneurs, and a less publicized vision of parenthood.

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