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France FinTech and Julhiet Sterwen introduce you to fintech, assurtech and regtech that save your finance teams time and money. 

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Transform the finance function: bring out the superheroes

" Things change. But so quickly ... Can men's habits keep up? "- Isaac Asimov

For some companies, the super hero of the Finance Department and his team of data analysts / data scientists who carry out cryptocurrency transactions, or the management controller who enriches the pre-written analyzes, are no longer science fiction. But how do organizations that succeed in going down these paths do? The spontaneous answer is that of technology. Of course, the latter is key. FinTech, in particular, plays an essential role, thanks to the rich and relevant offer it offers. But, in order for it to deliver its full potential, it must be used correctly. For this, we must focus on those who really make the transformations successful: women and men. What do the teams contribute to? What do they do on a daily basis? How does their mission support the company's strategy? By answering these questions, it is possible to support them in realizing the new perspectives of the Finance function, and to call on the appropriate tools. So… what are the professions that can benefit the most from technology? And how can fintech help them join the superhero team?

Digitize accounting and automate cash flow and invoices
The jobs of accountant and consolidator require the delivery of reliable and relevant information. Digitization can be particularly useful here. Robotization, AI and the implementation of closing management tools allow, in particular, the automation of postings and the first levels of control, automated cash management, dematerialization of invoices help to guarantee and accelerate production. reliable data: some operations can be performed without any human assistance. In this way, information can be disseminated through other communication channels and be enriched by analyzes carried out by accountants and consolidators.

The myth of the accountant assisted by a robot becomes reality! Thanks to the time savings thus obtained, accountants and consolidators will be able to concentrate on new value-added tasks and give more meaning to the information they share with managers and directors. They become the super-communicators of company data.

Re-focus on performance management
Yesterday's management controller reported the figures and analyzed the data made available. Today, it is asked to be able to carry out even more relevant 360 ° analyzes for its internal customers, in a period close to real time. To achieve this, it is necessary to become more and more technophile and to appropriate the tools of BI, performance management and AI. These tools considerably reduce data handling and checks and allow the management controller to devote himself primarily to analyzes for operational managers. In addition to saving time on making data more reliable, these new features will help it make its financial projections more reliable in order to better support and accelerate decision-making by managers. Under the influence of digital, a new cap is assigned to the management controller, that of "Business Partner".

Accelerate its compliance
New technologies also have their role to play in responding to compliance challenges, by strengthening agility. How and in what way can artificial intelligence be a support for AML, the escalation of alerts, the detection of fraud? In private banking, Chatbot, virtual agents personalize opinions, inform and guide clients on their investments independently and avoid systematic recourse to the asset manager. In investment banking, trading algorithms are used as predictive models. The processing of a large volume of data, in a short time, by big data tools, makes it possible to identify non-standard values ​​and guarantee the reliable production of regulatory reports. Finally, KYC and compliance are simplified thanks in particular to the blockchain, which provides a high degree of security and auditability of the processes. The interoperability between these technologies represents a decisive asset for Compliance, which becomes the efficient and omniscient actor of the data journey.

The new tools take charge of the quality of information and predictive data while the company's employees, through the transformation of uses, refocus their added value towards more analysis of performance at the service of managers.

The digital transformation of companies is therefore making possible the long-awaited emergence of these superheroes of finance, renewed forces of proposal and key partners in strategic decision-making.

Access the right funding

Anaxago is a platform that allows you to find financing from private and institutional investors.


ClubFuding is a crowdfunding platform that democratizes bond issues.

Kriptown makes it possible to finance start-ups and SMEs by investing in a liquid way.

The Mes Aides Publiques platform allows your business to develop by finding public funding (subsidy, loan, tax).

Neftys supports SMEs in their research and finances their innovation thanks to the pre-financing of the CIR.

NovaLend is a financing platform that allows companies to finance their equipment in 3 minutes.

October makes getting a loan for your business quick and easy.

Karmen is a new, non-dilutive, revenue-based financing solution for subscription businesses.


Pretpro offers access to all professional financing solutions on the corporate market and also a network of independent experts located throughout France, thus offering a phygital model.

Silvr is a financing solution designed for e-commerce, to boost the sales of your business.

WeShareBonds is a real estate crowdfunding and SME loan platform.

Trésoria facilitates access to financing for French VSEs / SMEs.

We fundia is an inter-company loan platform, to finance the growth of very small businesses, SMEs and large companies.

Finreka is a search engine to facilitate the search for financial aid companies.


Baobab offers small businesses microloans to be repaid in less than months, as well as larger loans to SMEs. is a crowdfunding platform for lending to SMEs.

Find your payment infrastructure

Treezor specializes in white label payment services and covers the entire payment chain via its API.

With its Pay by Bank solution, Fintecture allows merchants to instantly collect payments from bank to bank.

Enfuce specializes in next-generation card issuance and payment processing services.

Be ys Pay enables the creation, design and implementation of new payment technologies, systems and transactions.

Dejamobile offers solutions for digital payment, connected commerce and mobile ticketing.

PayGreen is an online payment solution focused on sustainable development, the objective of which is that each transaction has a positive impact on society and the environment.

Mangopay facilitates payments for marketplace users by allowing them to pay with multiple currencies and payment methods.

Webhelp Payment Services offers end-to-end B2B payment services to B2B marketplaces and e-commerce sites.

Voxpay offers secure payment solutions by credit card to cash in during a telephone conversation.

Lemonway offers a simplified payment solution for marketplaces.

Limonetik offers white label access to +180 international payment methods for e-commerce and stores.

PayPlug is a 100% French omnichannel bank card payment solution.

Manage currencies and international transfers

iBanFirst is a platform offering financial services for international companies, allowing payments and transfers in foreign currencies using real-time prices.

Kantox offers currency and currency risk management solutions.

Choose your pro account

Bunqr is the independent neobank that automates your accounting.

Paykrom is a professional account for several uses, intended for entrepreneurs, businesses and freelancers.

Qonto is the professional online account for businesses and freelancers, which simplifies management

Swan allows you to easily create accounts, cards and IBANs.

Anytime is a neobank for companies, professionals, associations and independents that allows you to efficiently manage your professional finances.

Multis is a bank account that allows businesses to hold and use cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies for their business.

Digitize your accounting

Clementine is an online accountant for entrepreneurs.

Comptalib simplifies your life as an entrepreneur: bookkeeping, VAT, invoicing, automated balance sheet.

SI-Expertise offers solutions to optimize your accounting treatments (bank statements, cash entry, purchase invoices).

Cryptocurrency tax software

Mooncard offers payment cards and an accounting application for real-time business expenses.

Expensya automates every step of the business expense management process, from paperless invoices to reimbursement.

Jenji is an artificial intelligence-based expense report software that saves time for operational and accounting teams.

Spendesk provides corporate cards and brings control and visibility over the business expense process.

Pennylane is the all-in-one financial management and accounting platform for business leaders and their accountants.

Thanks to AI, Chaintrust frees accounting staff from recurring tasks to allow them to focus on services with higher added value.

Regate is a SaaS software that simplifies and automates the accounting and financial management of entrepreneurs, accountants and CFOs.

Automate your cash management

Qwead is a suite of turnkey software solutions that harnesses the power of AI for real-time cash flow optimization

Agicap is a treasury software that allows you to manage your business thanks to reliable forecasts and real-time monitoring.

No more stress with bills

Aston iTF is a recovery recovery saas platform

Leasa by Nanceo makes it possible to offer a new method of payment to its customers, by rent.

Pytheas Capital Advisors offers alternative and innovative financing solutions for companies of all sizes.

Soan offers a payment platform for businesses to get paid on time.

iPaidThat is your company's accounting assistant, which automatically collects your supplier invoices and compares them with your bank to track your cash flow in real time.

Libeo digitizes the management of supplier invoices for SMEs and simplifies payments between companies.

Accelerate its compliance

A Compliance as a Service platform providing an enhanced Compliance officer to manage all obligations in the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism

Trustpair is a solution that thwarts corporate transfer fraud, it allows financial departments to digitize checks on the bank details of their third parties.

Publisher of software solutions specializing in the control and reconciliation process of financial transactions

Bleckwen develops solutions to prevent fraud and money laundering for payment players and credit organizations.

Legal-fintech solution for the digitalization of operations on corporate capital

Raise Partner specializes in risk analysis and portfolio optimization for the financial industry.

Mysecure Trade is a secure global digital platform for supporting and developing companies' international trade operations.

Nüag offers software solutions that can be adapted to the control, compliance and traceability needs of companies (corporate governance, general meetings, tokenization).

The objective is to provide governance and risk management solutions for the banking and insurance sector.

And for ... its governance

And for… his financial translations

Equify is a new shareholder management solution for growing companies. shareholder puzzle (capitalization table, employee shareholding and governance). Equify enables companies to collaborate better with their investors and to offer a new experience of employee shareholding.

Lingua Custodia is the only Machine Learning expert applied to financial translation who develops translation engines specialized by type of document.

Corporatings develops solutions for extracting and distributing financial data using an electronic reporting format in order to help figures professionals in their analyzes.

Make sure you are well insured

PlusSimple is a new generation insurance broker, dedicated to professionals and very small businesses, with a 100% online experience.

Avostart develops new generation legal aid and makes it available to everyone.

Tinubu Square is a credit and surety insurance management solution.

Take care of its employees

Epsor is the 100% online employee savings and retirement solution.

Go! Epargne entreprise offers a new approach to employee savings plans for French SMEs and mid-caps.

NessPay democratizes pay on demand.

Rosaly helps companies improve the financial well-being of their employees through an on-demand payroll system.

Stairwage allows employees to face financial unforeseen events by allowing them to access the salary deposit, without impacting the company's cash flow.

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