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Impact fintechs

France FinTech and Credit Mutuel Arkéa introduce you to fintech, assurtech and regtech * which have a societal and / or environmental impact. 
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Crédit Mutuel Arkéa is a cooperative and collaborative bank, serving the regions and their players. An entrepreneurial story that began over 100 years ago in Brittany, in the South-West and which continues today throughout France and Europe.

Supportive, ethical and inclusive, the group is particularly attentive to major environmental and societal issues. In collaboration with its stakeholders, it develops innovative solutions to support its members and clients in their life projects and in their environmental and societal transitions.

* Infographic produced on the basis of France FinTech members in November 2021. 

To measure the carbon footprint of your finances

abCSR offers SMEs and VSEs the opportunity to measure their CSR contributions or their socio-economic and environmental footprint.
Greenly offers to calculate its carbon footprint, through the analysis of its banking expenses.
Calculation of ESG impact on financial portfolios.
Neuroprofiler offers an ESGprofiler, an investment game to assess your clients' preferences in finance.
At QuantCube Technology, the flagship product is the estimation of economic activity in real time from the analysis of Big Data data, in particular ESG data.
Scaled Risk ESG Platform is a SaaS software that allows you to manage your ESG issues.

To pay responsibly

Green neobank which finances the ecological transition thanks to the deposits of its users.

Helios is a company with a mission whose raison d'être is to mobilize private savings to meet environmental challenges.

PayGreen is an online payment solution focused on sustainable development.

To invest your money with impact

Caravel is the first sustainable retirement pension that secures your retirement by allowing you to save better.
EcoTree values ​​and rewards the ecological conscience of individuals and businesses by offering innovative and profitable solutions in tree planting.
Epsor is the 100% online employee savings and retirement solution.

Go! Epargne entreprise offers a new approach to employee savings plans for French SMEs and mid-caps.

GoodVest is a digital savings solution that allows savers to align their savings with their convictions.
Created in 2019, Iroko is a savings FinTech whose mission is to make simple and efficient savings products accessible.
Online investment platform specializing in the financing of large-scale projects in response to the ecological emergency.
Mon Petit Placement is a FinTech aimed at democratizing private management and responsible investment.
Finally intelligent investment.
Peers is a simple and 100% digital platform that connects a new generation of investors and investments.
Villyz is a crowdfunding platform that allows each citizen to co-finance local community projects of general interest with banks.
WeeFin wishes to change finance by making socially responsible investment accessible to as many people as possible.
WiSEED is an impact crowdfunding platform.
Yomoni, the first digitalized French management company, optimizes your investment projects and allows you to open a life insurance, a securities account, a PEA or a PER in a few clicks.

For better financial education

Application for managing your money.
The neo-bank of families. Kard is the payment card for 10-18 year olds co-piloted by parents.
Linxo develops account aggregation, payment initiation and personal finance management solutions.
Money Walkie, the family's contactless wallet.
Pixpay is the neobank for teens with parental support.
Teeneo is an educational electronic wallet promoting autonomy and learning to manage a budget.

For greater inclusiveness of the financial system

Aria is the App that transforms the uncertain income of the self-employed into stable and regular remuneration.
Bling is the first Instant Cash Advance App.
Finfrog wants to open up access to credit and get 10 million French people out of bank overdraft by giving them access to a microcredit.
Monisnap is the new digital solution to financially support loved ones in more than 90 countries around the world.
NessPay democratizes pay on demand.
Nickel is a French alternative banking service open to any natural person from the age of twelve or over, with no income requirement and no possibility of overdraft or credit.
Rosaly helps companies improve the financial well-being of their employees through an on-demand payroll system.
Stairwage allows employees to face financial unforeseen events by allowing them to access the salary deposit, without impacting the company's cash flow.
Studely is a leader in the financial support of foreign students to study in France.
Unkle reassures landlords by becoming the guarantor of tenants to protect them against unpaid rent.
Virgil is the new way of becoming a homeowner for young professionals.
YoChBee aims to be the first payment Fintech aimed at diasporas and diversity by positively impacting society.
Younited Credit is a consumer credit platform that works on an equity loan model.

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