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These new generation financial services that help you every day

Focus on fintechs that make your life easier!
Fintech, quésaco? Derived from the contraction between finance and technology, this word designates new generation financial services. Personal Services - B2C

To be insured in all circumstances

Lovys is all-in-one insurance to protect everything that matters to you, 100% online, transparent and without obligation.

With Luko, insure your home in 2 minutes. They even cancel your old insurance for you!

Santiane helps you find the mutual health insurance that best suits your needs, at the best price.

Wilov is the first auto insurance for use: you pay according to the number of days you drive.

And to check if you are well covered:

With Fluo, quickly find the insurance that suits you thanks to the preselection of their experts.

To finance your
projects and your dreams

Acquiring helps you become an owner, with a mini-contribution and maximum flexibility.

Bling helps you out for up to € 100 in 3 minutes by instant transfer, to do whatever you want.

Finfrog allows you to obtain a micro-credit in 24 hours for your urgent needs.

Virgil co-invests an additional contribution by your side to complete your financing so that you can access the accommodation of your dreams.

Younited Credit is credit, and faster: 100% online credit, with a response within 24 hours.


And to compare the rates:


With, compare the best real estate, loans and insurance rates.

Pretto offers you to compare the best real estate rates online and to benefit from the expertise of a broker to obtain your loan.

To pay, transfer money to your friends, your merchant, on the other side of the world, or even in a pot, find the application or the bank account you need

Cauri is a neobank for African expatriates.

With Green-Got, change bank to change the world: a new account to no longer finance global warming.

With its bank account, Helios offers you to clean up the bank and act for a sustainable future.

Leetchi is the pioneer of prize pools, online collaborative and secure.

Lydia makes it easier for you to receive, spend and manage your money, all in one app.

Monisnap, the easy and fast transfer of money abroad, which puts a smile on your face.

OnlyOne is the account with positive impact, which makes you become an agent of change.

PayTrip is the web and mobile application that allows you to easily manage your tribe's budget, even across borders.

Studely allows you to study in France with complete peace of mind: it is the financial service dedicated to students moving to France.

Taysa is a neobank that brings together banking and travel through an international credit card and a mobile application.

Tripartie is your trusted third party to buy and sell between individuals, without fear.

VeraCash is an online account backed by physical precious metals, with its payment card.


And for your teenagers:


Kard is the neobank for families: an account for teens, managed by parents, which simplifies life for the whole family.

Money Walkie is the family's contactless wallet, which allows you to safely entrust your children with money.

Pixpay offers a customizable payment card and RIB for 10-18 year olds, with an app to track everything in real time.

Teeneo is an educational account for teens, managed by parents, without changing banks.

Xaalys is the neobank for adolescents, designed by parents, for 12-17 year olds.

To see your accounts at a glance and monitor your savings

Bankin 'is an application that allows you to easily manage your money, without changing banks.

Budgea allows you to connect your banks, assets and bills, and helps you plan your spending.

Linxo is the application that allows you to manage your budget, savings and accounts.

So that your euros grow small

Cashbee helps its users to save more and better, without changing banks.

Mon Petit Placement helps you discover the best investments, by giving you exclusive access to premium products.

Nalo provides financial investment advice and tailor-made life insurance. They invest, you make your savings grow.

WeSave offers high-end digital savings services, with tailor-made support.

Yomoni offers you the service of a private bank with its digital platform that helps you optimize your savings.


And to prepare for your old age:

0 helps you calculate and reduce your inheritance tax.

Sapiendo helps you calculate your retirement and gives you its expert retirement advice.

Testamento is the guarantee that your wishes will be respected, thanks to their inheritance anticipation platform.

The first sustainable retirement pension that secures your retirement by allowing you to save better

To invest in the real economy


For the financing of SMEs:


Anaxago is a 100% online investment company, accessible to private and professional investors, combining impact and performance.

With Baltis Capital, you can invest in commercial real estate. is a loan platform for VSEs and SMEs.

With Kriptown, invest and benefit from the growth of the most beautiful European start-ups.

October allows SMEs to borrow directly from private and institutional lenders.

Peers connects a new generation of investors and committed investments.

With Sowefund, become shareholders of promising young companies, under the same conditions as investment professionals.

Villyz allows each citizen to invest their savings in the public utility projects of local communities.

WeShareBonds is a credit platform for SMEs, which allows individuals to co-invest alongside them.

Wiseed is a crowdfunding platform, to invest in the companies of tomorrow.


And by doing good for the planet:


EcoTree values ​​and rewards the ecological conscience of individuals and businesses by offering innovative and profitable solutions in tree planting.

Greenly is the application that allows you to measure your carbon footprint by analyzing your banking expenses.

goodVest is a digital savings solution that allows you to align your savings with your convictions.

Lita is the 1st European investment platform with a positive impact, which helps reduce social and environmental inequalities.

Lumo is an online investment platform specializing in the financing of large-scale projects in response to the ecological emergency.

WeeFin makes socially responsible investment (SRI) accessible to as many people as possible.

For the more geeks

Bitpanda allows you to buy and sell digital financial assets, like bitcoin.

With EasyWallet, a 100% French application, you can spend your crypto-currencies in stores and on the web.

Ledger helps you secure your cryptocurrencies through physical crypto wallets.

Waltio is your tax assistant who helps you declare your cryptocurrencies.

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