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Initiative of our members: Act for Entrepreneurs

June 25, 2020 | Other

France FinTech highlights the initiatives launched by its members. Today, Act for Entrepreneurs, initiated by Kriptown

As everyone knows, the COVID-19 crisis has had - and continues to have - significant economic repercussions. Many companies have emerged weakened in recent months. Aid has been put in place by the government to support them, in particular state guaranteed loans. However, not all companies can claim it. 

Act for Entrepreneurs is aimed at those innovative companies which do not tick the boxes of EMPs and other aid. Launched by Kriptown, which wishes to step aside behind the collective of entrepreneurs and investors created, the movement supports companies not eligible for other aid. Their observation is as follows: the government has focused on employment, particularly in SMEs. Innovation has been somewhat excluded from aid. However, start-ups are the creators of the jobs of tomorrow and factors of competitiveness for France. This is why the collective has decided, at its level, to support innovation and R&D. The goal: to enable innovative companies to maintain their cash flow to survive the crisis. 

The request is free for the company, all the legal part is taken care of by the collective. Thanks to the partners who have joined together around the project, entrepreneurs can also benefit from additional services, such as consulting, coaching, etc., to help them get out of the crisis.

Once the company has sent his request to the site, a selection committee studies the file, in particular to ensure that the company does not benefit from other aid elsewhere. THE'allocated aid by Act for Entrepreneurs is included in a range from € 20 to € 000. Once the due diligence has been carried out, if the company's file is validated, the financing is launched on Kriptown. 

Act for Entrepreneurs in figures: 

  • 200 signatories of the commitment charter 
  • 50 partners mobilized
  • 100 files Read
  • 6 operations in progress on the platform
  • 5 upcoming operations
  • 1 company financed for an amount of € 30

The collective caught the attention of the State Secretariat for Digital: Act for Entrepreneurs is one of the offers listed on their platform


Are you interested in the initiative? Companies, drop your file here. Investors, support the initiative here

A propos of Kriptown

Founded by 4 partners at the end of 2017, Kriptown, the start-up exchange, allows the connection between investors (individuals or professionals), and start-ups wishing to raise funds. Kriptown provides a simple and free solution to start-ups looking for funding, after a validation process to ensure the quality of their file. As for investors, Kriptown offers them a new form of investment in innovative companies in the form of secure Tokens (Digital Assets), while providing them with liquidity through its secondary market.

Kriptown thus democratizes investment in the real economy, by offering liquidity to this market for the first time, thus facilitating access to fundraising for start-ups.

With 3500 registered, the amounts raised on the platform amount to 700K to date.



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