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Initiative of our members: Smart Debt Collection

July 10, 2020 | Other

France FinTech highlights the initiatives launched by its members. Today, Smart Debt Collection, of which two of our members are part: bOOK et Tresoria

Receivables management is a major issue for companies. Even before the COVID-19 crisis, 25% of business bankruptcies were linked to late payments. Among the reasons for these delays, the liquidity of the client company, of course, but above all, in 40% of cases: a lack of tools and information. Including the major information to pay your supplier: the IBAN!

Initiated by Fabrice DevelayCEO GCOLLECT, the Smart Recovery initiative aims to establish a dialogue between the players in the payment chain, to set up tools that communicate with each other and that suppliers and customers are satisfied. With strong values, the first of which is solidarity. 


“We saw it during the crisis: some companies did not play the game. Large groups sent emails to all their suppliers, indicating that they were suspending payments for 3 months. With this kind of decision, SMEs are at risk! This is why solidarity is a very important principle in the chain. We must not forget that behind the digital, there are people, there are lives. »

Pierre Dutaret


Reflected even before the COVID crisis, the collective was set up in early March and published his manifesto. The objective: to break the chain of bankruptcies, by allowing companies to preserve their cash flow to keep jobs. 

The values ​​charter signed by the members of Smart Recouvrement is at the heart of the initiative. Each action proposal is discussed collegially. Certain practices are ruled out, such as name and shame. Contrary to the actions carried by the collective, this one induces a rupture and no communication. 

Smart Recouvrement has received the support of many companies since its inception, and intends to go even further. 


“The idea was to unite around our common values: experience, benevolence, expertise, and to offer a global solution for cash management. By taking collective action, guided by a shared ethic, we become stronger. Our longer-term ambition: to be able to offer a service plug and play, connecting our different tools, so that customers can simply manage their cash flow. »

Tiffany tinperman

CEO, Tresoria

Congratulations to GCOLLECT, Aston, Libeo, Trésoria, Factomos and Streammind for this great initiative! More information


A propos of bOOK
Created in January 2019, Libeo is the leading business-to-business payment platform in Europe. It allows executives, financial directors and accountants to centralize, validate and pay their supplier invoices in one click and without IBAN, for simplified cash management. Libeo was voted FinTech of the Year by Finance Innovation (French State Competitiveness Cluster) and received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program (convention n ° 876518) . Fintech has more than 8000 companies in its network, including Le Faucheur Avocats, Hôtel Annapurna, the Clinique des Champs Elysées, Victor & Charly, Monoprix (franchise) and Paname Collections. To know more

A propos of Tresoria
Created in 2019, Tresoria is at the origin of a financing Marketplace for professionals with more than 50 non-banking financial partners. Objective to enable VSEs / SMEs to find innovative solutions to finance their business.
The startup has taken a pivot this year to offer business leaders new tools to facilitate their access to financing.
Its value proposition now includes 3 distinct components: a robot advisor to improve financing eligibility, an alert tool to anticipate its needs, and a financing marketplace.
Tresoria wants, through its tools, to help the business manager to identify, prevent and act on his financing needs. 




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