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FinTech, a world that is still very (and too) masculine

April 6, 2019 | Publications

Article published in Le Monde, by Isabelle Chaperon on the occasion of the publication of the France FinTech x Crédit mutuel Arkéa x Roland Berger study: “Diversity in fintech: where are the women? Proposals to encourage plural vocations »


Women represent only 9% of founders and 12% of management teams, according to a study unveiled Thursday April 4 by France FinTech, Crédit mutuel Arkéa and Roland Berger. Ironically, if Celine Lazorthes remains the figurehead for having been the first of this new generation of young leaders to hit the jackpot by selling the Leetchi online jackpot site to Arkéa in 2015, her career remains a rarity in the landscape.

Of the 19 French fintech co-founders, who carried out the most significant fundraising events in 2018, only one is a woman: it is Ludivine Doladille, who co-created in 2015 LaFinBox, a wealth aggregator, into which Swiss Life injected ten million euros in April 2018.



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