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Recruitment tightens in fintechs

June 1, 2022 | Publications

Finding the right profiles, attracting them and retaining them requires a thorough review of HR and benefits processes.

Will the gray matter end up failing the fintechs French ? What is certain is that the approximately 2,3 billion euros raised last year, up 174% compared to 2020, are primarily aimed at expanding the teams. Which, in three years, have more than doubled (+131%). According to the study published at the end of 2021 by France FinTech, 10.000 hires (excluding foreigners) are planned for 2022, which would bring the workforce in the sector to nearly 40.000 employees. And perhaps 10.000 more in 2023. A very relative forecast, specifies Alain Clot, president of the association (read 'The Word to…'), who has "the feeling that it could go faster than expected".

In detail, current needs primarily concern “tech” profiles (35% of recruitment intentions), far ahead of salespeople (14%). This is followed by customer services (13%), products (12%), operations (11%) and marketing and communication services (9%). The human resources, financial and legal services should equally distribute the remaining 6% of hires.

Fierce competition

The high proportion of qualified jobs does not facilitate the task of fintechs, underlines Alain Clot, who has observed an increase in recruitment times over the past six months. Giulia Mazzolini, responsible for France for the European investment platform Bitpanda, agrees: “It is increasingly difficult to recruit new talent. Competition is fierce with all technology companies, and candidates who combine skills and experience are scarce.”

“Today, this does not hinder the development of our activity, considers, however, the president of France FinTech, who highlights the attractiveness of the sector. But the need for 'tech' profiles is such that the situation could well become tense within a few quarters. »

This hypergrowth in a post-Covid context where employees, as a whole, have reviewed their priorities in any case requires companies to work on their employer offer. According to a multi-sector recruitment survey published by HelloWork on May 10, the approximately 1.700 candidates questioned are demanding transparency on job offers. The first element, cited by 87%, being the indication of remuneration, ahead of corporate culture: atmosphere, management, values… (83%), and financial benefits (68%).

Bitpanda (nearly 1.000 employees), which has opened more than 300 positions in Europe, including marketing profiles in France, says it has successfully relied on this transparency throughout the recruitment process. “We clearly explain who we are and how we work, says Giulia Mazzolini. The latest benefits policy, including our unlimited time off offer, is the icing on the cake. »

But wages are the sinews of war. In the fintech, they have been going up for two years, "in a controlled manner", assures Alain Clot. Clearer, Pierre-Antoine Dusoulier, CEO and founder ofiBanFirst, observe “A real inflation in certain professions. We were no longer competitive in terms of remuneration and we are in the process of remedying this, he underlines. In particular, we have decided to increase the base salary in the 'sales' profession by 25%. And we will indicate this in our offers. »


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