The 16 French startups to follow in 2022

Jan 12, 2022 | Other, Sector views

Exit 2021, welcome 2022! Which French startups will stand out this year? To answer this question, Maddyness interviewed 8 investors, who scrutinize the ecosystem for nuggets. Follow the leader.

Which startup will be talked about this year? Which company will see its performance take off? Who will become the new darling of investment funds? For the knowledge, Maddyness interviewed eight investors to draw up the list of 16 startups to follow throughout 2022. Stanislas Lot (Daphni), Sophia Martin (Raise), Philippe Botteri (Accel Partners), Olivier Mathiot (2050), Maximilien Bacot (Breega), Fanny Picard (Alter-Equity), Lucile Cornet (Eight Roads) and Emily Meads (speedinvest), have agreed to take part in the game to unveil the trends for the coming year.

They represent French or European funds, of different sizes and investment theses - but without a particular sector focus. This did not prevent FinTech from being overrepresented in their responses. We asked them to name a company in which their fund has invested and which, according to their analysis and sometimes those of their colleagues, should have an excellent year 2022. We also asked them to name a startup that they consider interesting , but in which they have no participation. In any case, not yet.



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