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Microenterprises, macro issues for banks and fintechs

March 11, 2020 | Publications

Article published in EndYear by Laurent Leloup following the publication of the white paper “Microenterprise, macro issues for banks and fintech”. Study by Roland Berger, strategy consulting firm & France FinTech, the professional association of French fintech.


Aimed at so-called “traditional” banks as well as fintechs, this study aims to initiate reflection on the processes to be put in place for those who wish to offer banking offers adapted to this strategic and highly profitable target.

“The VSE market is the object of all intentions and is now a preferred investment theme in our ecosystem. Entrepreneurs are in fact looking for new services, adapted pathways and responsiveness. This is an extremely diverse clientele, with expectations and frustrations that it is essential to hear, from whatever shore they are spoken to”.
Alain Clot, President of France FinTech

Some numbers:
- In France, 815 companies were created in 257;
- In total, 5,7 million microenterprises are listed;
- The main reasons for the dissatisfaction of microentrepreneurs are:
o the lack of availability of advisers;
o low customer knowledge linked to high turnover among business managers;
o the arduous administrative procedures.


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