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💠 Gender diversity in fintech: we all have the potential to embody the necessary models

April 8, 2019 | grandstands

By Kristen Charvin, General Delegate France FinTech

Tribune published as part of our annual event #Fintech R: Evolution • DESTINATION: EXCELLENCE 🏹 • RDV Tuesday April 9, 2019 - 12:30 pm - Station F # FFT19

FinTech is a booming sector that is reshuffling the cards and shaking up the codes of the financial world. Many structural changes are taking place in this area, but it is clear that in terms of diversity and plurality of talents, there are still efforts to be made; certain persistent factors contribute to slowing down favorable and rapid development.

Favorable signals, but constant vigilance and real involvement are necessary.

Indeed, although the diversity of profiles and the percentage of women working in the sector is progressing each year, they still only represent barely more than a third of the workforce identified. “An observation similar to that made in many cutting-edge sectors and probably linked to the very origins of the sector which inherits the shortcomings of the finance and tech sectors; double trouble therefore for fintech! » (FinTech needs women editor's note.) 

In addition, the glass ceiling is still difficult to break through, but we believe that this is not inevitable and we are seeing some impacting and encouraging signals: the figures are developing positively, mentalities are changing and many of us are working to do so. progress this situation. In a few years, many initiatives, movements or organizations capable of federating positive synergies, through their actions, have allowed collective awareness and aroused real interest in our sector.

The feminization of the sector requires not only real commitment but also strong communication at all levels of society.

France FinTech Since its creation in 2015, has endeavored to promote co-education and diversity within the ecosystem, by ensuring the representativeness of women at its events, but also by stimulating initiatives such as Women In FinTech - The French Powerlist or by trying to make the younger generations aware of the professional opportunities represented by the sector and by calling on female profiles to apply, in particular during the many university and professional conferences given throughout the year.

This desire to contribute to a dynamic of awareness was shared by Arkea and the cabinet Roland Berger, partners of France FinTech, with whom we jointly decided to carry out an in-depth study over several months in order to to draw up a relevant and realistic quantified observation and to propose concrete solutions applicable by all to contribute to the advancement of co-education and diversity within the FinTech ecosystem. We thank them for their involvement.

We hope that this study will contribute to a collective and complementary awareness and commitment of men and women within the ecosystem, that it will bring certain keys to advancing the sector and arouse multiple vocations.

Entrepreneurs, managers, researchers or journalists, whether they work in a fintech, a bank, a consulting firm, a technological group, an association, an incubator, a governmental or political organization, in France or abroad, women work for the development of the sector and participate in the influence of our ecosystem. We thank them for responding to our requests and contributing to the completion of this exclusive study.

All concerned, it's up to you!

Finally, we thank each of you for the dissemination and sharing of this study. You are all vectors of progress, awareness and communication. You have the potential to embody the necessary models and sources of inspiration for the younger generations by acting now at your level, in favor of diversity and co-education within the fintech ecosystem and in society more generally.


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Find Kristen charvin (@Kristen charvin April 9 at Station F during our annual event Fintech R: Evolution with the theme this year Destination: Excellence.

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