MIXITY IN FINTECH: WHERE ARE THE WOMEN? Proposals to encourage plural vocations

April 7, 2019 | Press Releases

Paris, the 4 April 2019

France FinTech, Arkéa and the Roland Berger firm publish the results of their study “Gender diversity in FinTech: where are the women?”. This study provides a quantitative and qualitative inventory of the representation of women in the FinTech ecosystem, and proposes concrete solutions applicable by all to contribute to the progression of co-education and diversity within the ecosystem.


“We are registering favorable signals, but constant vigilance and real involvement are still necessary. The diversity of profiles and the percentage of women working in the sector is increasing every year, but it is possible to change things more quickly by combining our efforts. The feminization of the sector requires not only real commitment but also strong communication at all levels of society. ” _ Kristen Charvin, Managing Director, France FinTech

In full expansion, the FinTech industry offers unprecedented opportunities for women, on a playing field seemingly as open as for men. The FinTech professions constitute for women an economic opportunity to integrate into a sector in full structuring by imposing their vision and their skills. However, the representativeness of women within the French FinTech ecosystem remains marginal.




  • In 2019, women represent 33%[1] teams French FinTech.
  • They are only 12%[2] to occupy a management position in FinTech, even less to be the founders to lead this type of company (9%)

Gender balance and diversity in FinTech: women still too few in the management positions - Analysis
The figures are worrying: women are even less present in FinTech than in finance and technology. The most structuring causes of this lack of female representation mainly stem from 3 sources:education and orientation biases that exist in favor of boys towards scientific studies providing talent in FinTech, the cultural representation of the financial, banking and technological environment resulting, more hermetic to the participation of women, and the fact that women internalize several mechanisms ofself-censorship that influence their choice of career, especially entrepreneurial.

“The observation is clear: where are the women in fintech? The initial promise of an entrepreneurship open to all is not there. The ingredients conducive to change are present, it remains to encourage and value the participation of women in a much more proactive way, at each decisive stage of their journey. No development possible in the sector without sustainable diversity! » _ Axelle Lemaire, Partner at Roland Berger.

“Today, women are under-represented in Fintech and urgent action is needed. Sectors and organizations that are committed to greater diversity are implementing a whole range of actions to raise awareness among teams and managers, create favorable environments, encourage, and sometimes regulate, to promote more practices. fair. The good news is there's no shortage of ideas. Our common responsibility is to pass on to the next generation a world where all excellence is encouraged, recognized and promoted. ” _ Anne-Laure Naveos, External Growth, Partnerships & Digital Director of the Arkéa group 


Initiate structural and operational changes to feminize the FinTech sector - Action proposals


The dynamism of the French FinTech ecosystem and the needs to be met in the fields of training and employment in new digital professions represent an opportunity to review the practices previously observed in the labor market, to continue more inclusive and profitable growth for women. Act on education by feminizing training in digital and FinTech professions, reform access to FinTech financing led by women by establishing more gender diversity in investment funds, fight transparently against persistent wage differentials are all tools for working in favor of an egalitarian professional environment.

Despite individual and collective initiatives in favor of greater diversity in the FinTech sector, the hopes placed in the promises of an emerging ecosystem with more egalitarian standards remain, for the moment, disappointed. In the quest for equality, FinTechs seem to accumulate obstacles linked to the specificities of the fields of finance, technology and entrepreneurship. But awareness is changing and concrete actions, carried by the ecosystem, are multiplying to go beyond the current diagnosis.

“Fintechs, like other strategic sectors of the economy, have an innovative role to play in favor of women in order to mobilize their knowledge and skills for the benefit of all. » _ Thierry Quesnel, Senior Partner at Roland Berger.


About Roland Berger

Founded in 1967, Roland Berger is the first management consulting firm of European origin. Established in France since 1990, the Paris office brings together nearly 300 employees and advises the largest international companies (industry and service) as well as public institutions, on all their issues, from strategic advice to operational implementation. : new business models and leadership models; mergers and acquisitions, private equity and restructuring; support on major infrastructure projects. It strives to offer innovative solutions, with particular attention paid to obtaining concrete and measurable results. Aware of the strong challenges linked to digital technology, Roland Berger initiated Terra Numerata, a unique and open ecosystem of partners that allows us to offer the best of digital to its customers.
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About Arkea

Arkéa is made up of the Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne, Sud-Ouest and Massif Central federations, as well as around thirty specialized subsidiaries (Fortuneo, Monext, Arkéa Banque Entreprises et Institutionnels, Arkéa Investment Services, Suravenir, etc.). With 10 employees, 500 directors, 3 million members and clients in the bancassurance sector and more than 000 billion euros in balance sheet total, Arkéa ranks among the very first banking establishments with their head office in the region.

A cooperative and regional group, Arkéa places the challenges of social responsibility at the heart of its business plan and is particularly involved in issues related to gender diversity and more specifically gender equality. The group acts in line with its ethical, supportive and inclusive corporate values. The initiative initiated is gradually bearing fruit with an increasing representation of women in leadership and management positions and in governance bodies. The group is working to create a more inclusive culture by training 100% of its employees in unconscious biases by 2020.
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About France FinTech

Created in 2015 on the initiative of entrepreneurs, France FinTech brings together companies using operational, technological or economic, innovative and disruptive models, aimed at addressing existing or emerging issues in the financial services industry and representing the main components of the Faculty.

The association's mission is to promote the excellence of the sector in France and abroad and to represent French fintech to the public authorities, the regulator and the ecosystem. It is chaired by Alain Clot and Kristen Charvin is its general delegate. Its steering committee brings together the founders and directors of ANAXAGO, BANKIN, FLUO, LYDIA, OCTOBER, QONTO, SMART ANGELS, YOUNITED CREDIT.
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[1] Source: France FinTech
[2] Web analysis carried out on the panel made up of 97% of France FinTech members in 2019 - March 2019


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