#169 Nicolas Benady (Swan): Reinventing banking - without being a bank
Inside the mind of a CEO
Description of the episode
In this episode we welcome serial entrepreneur Nicolas Benady, co-founder and CEO of Swan, who answers questions from Yacine Sqalli. 🎙️ Swan is a fintech that offers white label banking services such as the creation of accounts, cards and IBANs. The company was created in 2019 with Mathieu Breton and Nicolas Saison and the startup studio Hexa (eFounder), today employs more than 200 people. Nicolas shares his journey with us, from his beginnings in the startup PriceMinister to the creation of Swan, via Limonetik. With a rich and diverse experience in the world of fintech and entrepreneurship, he shares his learnings, his successes, and his difficulties with us. 🌟 In this episode we cover several topics such as today's finance and its innovations, the international growth phase and the importance of corporate culture, or even the meaning of life. Before Swan, Nicolas was already an entrepreneur but not CEO. What changes, and why now?