#3 Does breaking the money taboo start in adolescence? - Caroline Ménager - Pixpay - FULL EPISODE
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Description of the episode
As a mother of 3 children and having grown up without pocket money in a family where money was taboo, Caroline Ménager co-founded Pixpay with two other parents. The objective: to break the taboo around money in families and introduce adolescents to financial management in a secure environment. Indeed, Pixpay is a fintech that offers a payment card for 10-18 year olds with an application for adolescents and another interface for their parents. After a rich career in large groups, she shares with us the key stages of this great entrepreneurial adventure: - the choice of the economic model, going against the current practices of the time - The merger with an Anglo-Saxon competitor while preserving their startup DNA - The impact of Pixpay in the financial education of adolescents. - His asset management following the cash out of his two fundraising events - his involvement in a committed theater play