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Why fintech doesn't like women

April 5, 2019 | Publications

Article by Jean-Jacques Manceau for Forbes following the publication of the study France FinTech x Arkea x Roland Berger - Gender diversity in fintech: where are the women?. A study that points to a problem: women are too little present in the fintech ecosystem.


The latest study by France FinTech, Arkéa and the Roland Berger firm has just thrown a stone in the pond. Fintech doesn't like women! In 2019, women represented 33% of French FinTech teams. But they are only 12% to occupy a management position and even less to be the founders or to direct this type of company (9%).


The causes ? In the disorder one can quote the education and the orientation biases which exist in favor of the boys towards the scientific studies providing talent in FinTech, the cultural representation of the financial, banking and technological environment which results from it, more hermetic to the participation of women, and the fact that women internalize several self-censorship mechanisms that influence their career choices, especially entrepreneurial ones.


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