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State guaranteed loan for IFP platforms

May 18 | Official information

The loan guaranteed by the State is a central tool in the business support system set up by the Government to respond to the economic emergency linked to the health crisis. 

All the information on the loan guaranteed by the State is available at [next link].

Since May 8, 2020, it is possible to obtain a loan guaranteed by the State from a lending platform with the status of crowdfunding intermediary (IFP)

Essentially, it is governed by the same rules as in the case of a loan guaranteed by the State taken out with a bank. It is therefore appropriate to refer to article 6 of law n ° 2020-289 of 23 March 2020 on amending finances for 2020, to the decree of 23 March 2020 taken in application of this law, and to the "Foire aux Question ”published on the website of the Ministry of the Economy at [next link].

For specific questions relating to the loan guaranteed by the State when it is granted through a platform, please refer to the additional information provided by the “Frequently Asked Questions Platforms - EMP”.

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