Regtechs: a booming ecosystem

January 31, 2017 | Other, Sector views

In 2020 and 2021, French regtechs experienced unprecedented development as evidenced, in particular, by the increase in the sums raised during their funding rounds. These start-ups are attracting more and more financial institutions and companies facing ever-increasing regulatory constraints.

In 2021, French regtechs have undoubtedly taken a step forward. These start-ups, which use cutting-edge technologies to simplify and accelerate regulatory compliance for financial institutions and companies, have raised nearly 400 million euros, an amount up 100% on one year, according to France FinTech. " Regtech captured around 17% of the sums collected by Fintech over the period, specifies Alain Clot, president of France FinTech. It has therefore established itself as the second best-funded segment of the ecosystem, behind banking service providers embodied, in particular, by neobanks. The size of Regtech has also grown significantly: from just over 90 at the end of 2020, the number of its companies now stands at more than 140. It therefore has more entities than others. sections of Fintech, such as insurtech (90) or wealth investment advice (110). " The segment could consist of 150 to 200 companies by the end of 2022 “says Alain Clot.

This growth is primarily explained by a cyclical factor. The health crisis and the successive confinements have prompted many financial institutions and companies to use the dematerialized solutions of regtechs. " Most of the tools of these structures are provided in SaaS mode and accessible through APIs, which offers real flexibility to their users. “says Etienne Scotto of Apollonia, manager…




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