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Under the idea of ​​the “new consumer”, the new divergent galaxies

October 14, 2020 | News, grandstands

The “new consumer”, who would have arrived during the pandemic and during the confinement, is both digitized, refocused on ethical and planetary values, on respect for the environment and proximity.

The facts would be established.

The “new consumer” would have arrived, under the tragic circumstances of the pandemic and containment. 

A “new consumer” born in 2020 that we will say very digitalized, refocused on ethical and global values, on respect for the environment and proximity. All in all, a “new consumer” who would be above all the acceleration of the one we knew “before”, or at least whose profile was gradually asserting itself before the pandemic.

And at the same time, through the virtues of digitalization and individual differentiation, a “new consumer” increasingly different from his neighbor, aspiring to increasingly unique offers and “experiences”, cultivating his irreducibility.

In reality, our conviction is that there are currently essential mutations taking place between these two registers: between globalizing tendencies and irreducible individualizations, strong recompositions are currently taking place. 

France, yesterday split into thirty tribes more and more distinct and competing with each other, is today crossed by unprecedented currents. What now prevails is in reality a complete reconfiguration of consumer galaxies, paving the way for new strategies of offers and innovations, new business deployments, new communication approaches, new “customer relationships”. .

A world is being born, and not necessarily the one we imagined in the past: under the idea of ​​the “new consumer”, new and divergent galaxies are blooming in silence.

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