Audacity & Innovation: from dream to reality
#11 Revolutionizing B2B payment - Faysal Oudmine - CEO of Fintecture
Description of the episode
Faysal arrived in France at the age of 18, he did not speak French, 2 years later he joined HEC Paris. After leaving school, Faysal worked at Lehman Brothers during the bankruptcy, then decided to turn to entrepreneurship, returning to Morocco. He founded several companies before returning to France in 2016 to start Fintecture. Today Fintecture is the benchmark payment solution in B2B, more than 2,5 billion euros of transactions are recorded on the solution per year. The company raised 32 million euros, and experienced a real growth phase upon its launch. In this exchange, Faysal tells us his story, his journey and tells us about his Fintecture success.

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