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Beyond Frontiers

The unmissable event in the entrepreneurial and financial world FinTech R: Evolution will bring together this year over an entire day: entrepreneurs, influencers, decision-makers, researchers, investors, journalists around the theme "Beyond Frontiers". Nearly 200 fintech, insurtech and regtech invite you to meet on Thursday, October 15 at Station F to discuss and consider what the future may bring to the sector. (discover the previous editions).


Inspirational lectures

Renowned entrepreneurs, researchers, political and corporate decision-makers will follow one another on stage through crossed views, keynotes and round tables to address the major issues in our sector.



● Kayla Roark, MC, entrepreneur
● Emilie Vidaud, MC, journalist, author



Introduction & Welcome

● Alain Clot, president, France Fintech



● Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy, Finance and Recovery


Presentation of the sponsorship program

Initiate to encourage diversity: FintecHER is committed to Change Make'Her

● Chirine BenZaied - Bourgerie, head of Innovation, Finastra
● Diana Brondel, president, Xaalys, member of the France FinTech office
● Julie Jegou, UX / UI designer, Bressst, Arkéa
● Sharon Sofer, President, Startup for Kids


Round table - Thousand and one cultures of innovation

● Cyril Chiche, CEO, Lydia, member of the board, France FinTech
● Philippe Gelis, CEO, Kantox
● Jean Guillaume, CEO, S-Money
● Anne-Laure Navéos, managing director - M&A, Strategic investments, digital, Arkéa
● Led by: Sébastien Rougier, strategy, innovation and growth partner, Julhiet Sterwen


Interview - Start-up mania: myths and realities of the digital economy

● Michel Turin, writer
● Interviewed by: Emilie Vidaud, MC, journalist, author


Keynote - Play to win

● Jean de La Rochebrochard, Managing Partner, Kima Ventures


Speech - The Banque de France committed to the fight for attractiveness

● Denis Beau, Senior Deputy Governor, Banque de France




Keynote - How to create a world champion from France?

● Maurice Lévy, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Publicis


Keynote - Orthogonal innovation and lessons from the Valley

● Henri Moissinac, CEO, Dott


Round table - Asia - USA: the clash of the titans. What about Europe in all of this?

● Aurélie Jean, doctor of science, entrepreneur
● Armand Thiberge, CEO, Sendinblue
● Thierry Vandewalle, Board member, Joint European Disruptive Initiative
● Jean-Marc Vittori, columnist, Les Echos
● Led by: Benoît Bazzocchi, entrepreneur, advisor, France FinTech


Interview - Birth of a European payments giant

● Gilles Grapinet, Managing Director, Worldline
● Interviewed by: Geoffroy Guigou, COO, Younited Credit, member of the board, France FinTech




Prize giving of the pitches

● Presented by Emilie Vidaud, MC, journalist, author
Environmental impact award
Social impact award
Covid breaker price
Best B2C Offer Award
Best B2B Offer Award
Best pitch / speaker award


Perspectives - How to serve the new tribes?

● François Miquet-Marty, President, Les Temps Nouveau Group
● Edouard Plus, Executive Director Corporate Solution - Le Swave, D3, Rhizome, Paris & Co


Round table - Make the retirement great again! How to prepare future generations?

● Valérie Batigne, president, Sapiendo
● Ingrid Bocris, deputy general manager-head of partnerships, corporate and digital transformation / innovation, Societe Generale Insurance
● Sébastien d'Ornano, president, Yomoni
● Benjamin Pedrini, COO, Epsor, member of the board, France FinTech
● Moderated by: Emilie Vidaud, MC, journalist, author


Keynote - Frugalism, a growing aspiration

● Fanny Parise, PhD, anthropologist


Perspectives - Impact is not a fad

● Marion Darrieutort, CEO, Elan Edelman, co-president, Enterprise & Progress
● Alexandre Mars, CEO, Epic Foundation
● Moderated by: Emilie Vidaud, MC, journalist, author



● Thomas Wiesel, stand-up actor, author

Tech and business conferences

Renowned entrepreneurs, researchers, political and corporate decision-makers will follow one another on stage through crossed views, keynotes, round tables and feedback to address the major issues in our sector.


10:45 Funding: the course of the combatants? 
Interviews by Charlie Perreau, fintech journalist, JDN

  • Alexander Prot, CEO, Qonto
  • Jerome Peze, CEO, Tinubu
  • Pierre-Antoine Dusoulier, CEO, iBanFirst
  • Rodolphe Ardent, CEO, Spendesk
  • Raphael Vullierme, CEO, Luko


11:35 Round table - Dreams are good, cash is better! 

  • Pierre-Edouard Berion, partner, Raise Ventures
  • Arnaud Caudoux, d.Deputy Managing Director, Bpifrance
  • Julien Creuze, Managing Director, BlackFin Tech
  • Virginie Lazes, managing partner, Rothschild & Co
  • Animated by : Caroline Lamault, Chairman of the Board, Anaxago, member of the board, France FinTech

12:15 Interview - Acquisition's backstage: the Ebury story

  • Juan Manuel Fernandez Lobato, CEO, Ebury
  • Interviewed by: Kayla Roark, MC, entrepreneur


12:30 LUNCH


14:00 Round table - Cybersecurity: the new frontiers

  • Bernard Barber, ex-CTO, DGSE
  • Rand Hindi, CEO, Zama (formerly Snips)
  • Nacira SALVAN, founding president, CEFCYS
  • Animated by : Jean-Michel Pailhon VP Product, Ledger, mMember of the office, France FinTech


14:40 Keynote - Ethics, trust and artificial intelligence: a journey beyond words

  • Emmanuel Goffi, PhD, director of the Ethics & Artificial Intelligence observatory, Sapiens Institute, associate professor in AI ethics, aivancity


15:00 Round table - Credit risk analysis: the big night? 

  • Riadh Alimi, CEO, Finfrog
  • Louis Chatriot, CEO, Alma
  • Olivier Goy, CEO, October, member of the board, France FinTech 
  • Christopher Hurlin, director of the Orléans Economics Laboratory
  • Moderated by: Alain Clot, President, France FinTech

15:40 BREAK


16:00 Keynote - Quantum Computing: A Science Frenzy or the New World? 

  • Elham Kashefi, research director, CNRS


16:20 Round table - Open banking: a necessary evil or a major opportunity?

  • Guillaume Blot, chief digital officer, Sopra Banking Software
  • Claire Calmejane, Chief Innovation Officer, Societe Generale 
  • Laurent Nizri, president, ACSEL, founder, Paris Fintech Forum 
  • Bruno Van Haetsdaele, CEO, Linxo Group 
  • Moderated by: Joan Burkovic, CEO, Bankin ', member of the board, France FinTech


17:00 Interview – FinTech focus “ESG”: the finance of tomorrow, for a sustainable and responsible future

  • Ghizlaine Amrani, CEO, QuantCube Technology
  • Interviewed by: Kayla Roark, MC, entrepreneur


17:10 Interview - Giant fires, hurricanes ...: resilience through data

  • Violaine Raybaud, head of business development, Descartes Underwriting
  • Interviewed by: Kayla Roark, MC, entrepreneur


17:20 Round table - Singularity or crossed routes: definitely tech!

  • Guillaume d'Audiffret, CEO, Seyna 
  • Bernard LeBras, Chairman of the Suravenir management board, member of the Crédit Mutuel Arkéa COMEX
  • Pierre-Alain de Malleray, President, Santiane 
  • Eric Mignot, CEO, + Simple 
  • Moderated by: Jehan de Castet, CEO, Fluo, member of the board, France FinTech


An exclusive tour will allow you to discover the activities of our start-ups, which will offer live demos and networking. Come meet them throughout the day. You will be able to find there:



    Aurélie Dupont, head of sales and business development & Thibaut Ingelaere, CEO
    Marc Tempelman, co-founder & Cyril Garbois, co-founder
    Camille Chrétien, communication manager & Benoît Gruet, CEO
    Yannick Grelot, CEO
    Gaëlle René-Corail, CMO & Houssem Assadi, CEO
    Raphaël Kakon, CMO & Bastien Pouillart, account executive
    Sebastien Estines, sales manager
    Pascal Rellier, CEO & Frédéric du Chayla, co-founder
    Laura Benzaquen, Marketing, Communication and Partnerships Manager
    Alexis Normand, CEO
  • K.A.R.D.
    Scott Gordon, CEO
    Olivier Noël, co-founder
    Jean-Michel Errera, CEO
    Arthur Lecoq, business developer
    Christophe Doré, CEO
    Pierre Nelson, business developer
    Renaud Gerson, CTO & Etienne Beaugrand, president
    Antoine Houry, account manager
    Benoît Grassin, CEO
    Ludovic Sarda, CEO & Sylvain Le Henaff, key account sales manager
    Aurélien Calot, product & sales & Jean-Philippe Stouff, product & sales
    Konstantin Grouzdev, CEO & Marius Campos, blockchain consultant
    Georges Viglietti, CEO & Anne Perrin, communication manager
    Emmanuel Danzin, head of business development & Christophe Rivoire
    Fanny Batlle, business developer & Andreas Lambropoulos, CMO / Product owner
    Agathe Chabert, marketing manager & Léonore Brin, communication and marketing
    Ignacio Sainz, COO
    Nathalie Pululu, inside channel manager & Karim Ayach, business development manager
    Pierre Bittner, CEO



  • Societe Generale



In front of a jury of experts, our early-stage fintechs will take up the challenge of pitching in 180 ″ to make you discover the quintessence of their innovative projects. The pitch sessions will be organized around the seven main categories: Insurance, Banking / PFM, Payment Services, Financing, Investments and Wealth Solutions, Regtech / Risks, and Operational Services. Come and discover the future of the French scene!

10:45 Session 1

  • Maud Caillaux, CEO, Green-Got
  • Julia Menayas, CEO, Helios
  • Alexandre David, CEO, Paykrom
  • Yann Le Floc'h, CEO, Stairwage
  • Erik de Kamgang, CEO, Studely
  • Tarik Slimani, CEO, Teeneo


11:10 BREAK


11:20 Session 2

  • Reda Charai, head of sales & customer success, Fintecture
  • Alexis Normand, CEO, Greenly
  • Raphael Leprette, CEO, Money Walkie
  • Carole Marache, CEO, Mysecure Trade
  • Yann Proust, CEO, TIPSMEE


11:20 Session 3

  • Benjamin Madjar, co-founder, Cashlab
  • Edouard Vaujour, CEO, Knave
  • Ladislas Manset, Founder, Pono Financial Solutions


12:05 LUNCH 


14:00 Session 4

  • Thomas Nokin, CEO, Basikon
  • Maeliza Seymour, CEO, Codist AI
  • Luc Gebelin, CEO, Hedging FX
  • Maurice Tessier, sales lead, Invyo
  • Sebastien Claeys, CEO, IPaidThat
  • Ambre Soubiran, CEO, Kaiko
  • Ophélie Le Grand, CEO, Lokalero
  • Grégoire Corcos, CEO, Finstart


14:35 BREAK

14:40 Session 5

  • Charlotte Gaudin, CEO, AML Factory
  • Pierre Morizot, CEO, Waltio
  • Nathalie Benchetrit, CEO, Assur Connect
  • Bruno Urvoy, Associate Director, Communication and Digital Projects, Lidix


15:00 Session 6

  • Joseph Choueifaty, Founder, Goodvest
  • Emmanuel Dayan, CEO, Sismo
  • Arthur Moraglia, President, Villyz

REX TV set

The flagship entrepreneurs of the ecosystem will follow each other all day long on our TV set! They will give us their feedback and their analysis of the sector! Back to 2015 & go to 2025 and beyond…

Hosted by the sparkling Solenne Niedercorn-Desouches, founder of Finscale

10:00 Pierre Dutaret, CEO, Libeo

10:45 Emmanuel Grimaud, CEO, Maximis
10:50 Michel Diguet, CEO, Algoan
11:00 Nicolas Bruley, CEO, Antelop Solutions

11:05 BREAK

11:20 Giulia Mazzolini, CEO France, Bitpanda
11:25 Pierre Quiennec, CEO, Jenji
11:30 William Boiche, CEO, Clementine
11:35 Clément Coeurdeuil, president, Budget Insight

11:40 BREAK

11:55 Houssem Assadi, CEO, Dejamobile
12:00 Nicolas Seres, president, Wiseed
12:05 Erwan Le Méné, CEO, Ecotree
12:10 Karim Jouini, CEO, Expensya 
12:15 Charles De Gastines, CEO, Paylead

12:20 LUNCH

14:00 p.m. Diana Brondel, CEO, Xaalys
14:05 Mark Kepeneghian, CEO, Kriptown
14:10 Martin-Pierre Gaultier, CCO, Lemonway 
14:15 Christophe Bourbier, CEO, Limonetik

14:20 BREAK

14:35 Stéphanie Mogenot, CEO, Lingua Custodia
14:40 Olivier Houdaille, president, Lumo
14:45 Gregory Malgras, head of Western region, Mangopay
14:50 Laurent Kocinski, CEO, Meelo

14:55 BREAK

15:10 Guillaume Autie, president, Meilleurtaux
15:15 Tristan Leteurtre, president, Mooncard
15:20 Enguerand Duval, CEO, Peers


16:00 Yann Charraire, CEO, OneWealthPlace
16:05 Renaud Pestre, co-founder, Pretto
16:10 Sophie Echenim, CEO, Raise Partner

16:15 BREAK

16:30 Cédric Nallet, CEO, Smartpush
16:35 Steve Fogue, CEO, Particeep
16:40 Virgile Delporte, CEO, Testamento
16:45 Maxime Digue, CEO, Tiime

16:50 BREAK

17:00 Eric Lassus, CEO, Treezor
17:05 Philippe Sanchis, CEO, Vialink


We are delighted to introduce you to our first responders

Jean de La Rochebrochard

Partner, Kima Ventures

Ghizlaine Amrani

CEO, QuantCube

Arnaud Caudoux

Deputy CEO, Bpifrance

Teacher. Elham Kashefi

Research Director at CNRS, Personal Chair in Quantum Computing, School of Informatics University of Edinburgh

John Lobato

Co-CEO, Ebury

Bruno Le Maire

Minister of Economy and Finance

Maurice levy

Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Publicis

Julie jegou

UX / UI designer, Bressst, Arkéa

Diana brondel

President, Xaalys, member of the France FinTech board

Jean-Marc Vittori

Columnist, Les Echos

Claire Calmejane

Chief Innovation Officer, Societe Generale

Alexander Prot

CEO, Konto

John William

CEO, S-Money

Pierre-Edouard Berion

Partner, Raise Ventures

Sharon shoeffer

President, Start-Up for Kids

Gilles Grapinet

Managing Director, Wordline

Aurelie Jean

Doctor of Science and Entrepreneur

Emmanuel R. Goffi

PhD, Director, Ethics & Artificial Intelligence Observatory, Sapiens Institute, Associate Professor in AI Ethics, aivancity

Patrice Bigard

Ile de France digital security delegate, ANSSI

Thomas wiesel


Anne-Laure Naveos

Managing Director - M&A, Strategic Investments, Digital, Arkéa

Denis Beau

Senior Deputy Governor, Banque de France

Rand Hindi

CEO, Zama

Bernard Le Bras

Chairman of the Management Board, Suravenir, member of the COMEX, Crédit Mutuel Arkéa

Jean-Michel Pailhon

Member of the board, France FinTech, VP Product, Ledger

Michael Torino


Eric Mignot

President, + Simple

Henri moissinac

CEO, Dot

Laurent Nizri

President of ACSEL, founder of the Paris Fintech Forum

Sebastien rougier

Partner, Julhiet Sterwen

Olivier Goy

Member of the board, France FinTech, CEO, October

Fanny Parise

PHD, anthropologist, researcher

Alexander Mars

CEO, Epic Foundation & blisce

caroline lamaud

Member of the Board, France FinTech, Chairman of the Board, Anaxago

Joan burkovic

Member of the board, France FinTech, CEO, Bankin '

Jean de Castet

Member of the board, France FinTech, CEO, Fluo

Thierry vandewalle

Member of the Board, Joint European Disruptive Initiative (JEDI)

Chirine Benzaïed

Head of Innovation, Finastra

Armand Thiberge

CEO, Sendinblue

Ingrid Bocris

Deputy General Manager-Head of Partnerships, Corporate and Digital Transformation / Innovation, Societe Generale Insurance

Marion darrieutort

CEO, Elan Edelman & Co-President, Enterprise and Progress

Cyril Chiche

Member of the board, France FinTech, CEO, Lydia

Virginie lazès

Managing Partner, Rothschild & Co

Louis Chatriot

CEO, Alma

Benoit Bazzocchi


Charlie Perreau

FinTech journalist, JDN

Guillaume Blot

Chief digital officer, Sopra Banking Software

Kayla roark

MC, entrepreneur

Bruno Van Haetsdaele

CEO, Linxo Group

Yann Metz-Pasquier

CMO, Sopra Banking Software

Philippe Gelis

CEO, Kantox

Nacira Salvan

Founding President, CEFCYS

Riadh alimi

CEO, Finfrog

Sébastien d'Ornano

President, Yomoni

Valerie Batigne

President, Sapiendo

Guillaume d'Audiffret

Deputy CEO, Seyna

Solenne Niedercorn-Desouches

Independent advisor, podcast host, Finscale

Edouard More

Executive Director Corporate Solution - Le Swave, D3, Rhizome, Paris & Co

Rodolphe Ardant

CEO, Spendesk

Jerome Pezé

 CEO, Tinubu Square

Francois Miquet-Marty

President, Les Temps Nouveau Group

Julien Creuze

Managing Director, BlackFin Capital Partners

Christophe hurlin

Director, Orleans Economics Laboratory

Violaine raybaud

Head of Business Development, Descartes

Bernard barbier

Former technical director, DGSE, CEO, BBCyber

Pierre Antoine Dusoulier

CEO, iBanFirst

Raphael Vullierme

CEO, Luko

Pierre-Alain de Malleray

CEO, Santiana

Geoffroy Guigou

Member of the board, France FinTech, COO, Younited Credit

Benjamin Pedrini

Member of the board, France FinTech, COO, Epsor

Emilie Vidaud

MC, journalist, author

Alain Cloth

President, France FinTech


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