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#30 - Alternative investments, a good idea for 2024? - Olivier Herbout (Ramify)
Description of the episode
Alternative investments – A tool that is taking up more and more space Who Olivier Herbout? An engineer by training with a degree from École Centrale Paris and a Masters in Financial Engineering from UC Berkley, Olivier Herbout was manager of the QIS (Quantitative Investment Strategy) division at Goldman Sachs in New York for 5 years. On his return to France in 2020 and alongside Samy Ouardini, he created the platform, an alternative to private banks. How Ramify works Ramify is an investment platform that offers wealth management services to individuals. A lack of supply, a lack of advice on the one hand and their knowledge and expertise in this field on the other, push Olivier and Samy to create this new solution. Ramify offers different alternative products but not only to improve the risk/return couple. Ramify are: - 2500 investors - 20% growth per month for 2 years - €100M invested What is an alternative product? An investment that falls outside the scope of listed stocks/bonds, it is viable if it creates value and/or if it presents diversification in the portfolio. An alternative product comes in opposition to the so-called traditional product. But what else are we talking about in this episode? Alexandre and Olivier talk: Art Private equity and private debt Augmented advisors and the humanization of services Emotional in investment Alternatives and children Tax exemption And you, what's the matter in your Olivier piggy bank? Want to know more about Olivier and Ramify?

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