Cash Out - behind the scenes of music exits
:47 An unexpected “hold-up” just two years after launching his company - Pierre-Antoine Dusoulier - Forex trader
Description of the episode
Who would dare enter the offices of a New York company without having an appointment and asking to speak to the boss? Who would ask the financial authorities to create a new authorization to be able to develop their company? Who would try to convince the employee of a European partner to develop the subsidiary of an American company in Denmark? All these moments have marked the whirlwind history of Cambiste, a company facilitating investment in the currency market, bought just two years after its creation by the Danish bank Saxo Bank. A challenge that she met with flying colors with her partner, Alexis, ex-CEO of Mailjet. One thing is certain, its founder, Pierre-Antoine Dusoulier, lacks neither nerve nor ideas!

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