Inside the head of a CEO
#58 Mark Kepeneghian (Kriptown): On creating a stock exchange, inspiring and helping entrepreneurs, and much more.
Description of the episode
First podcast of Season 4 of Dans la tête d'un CEO! 🤩 For this new episode, we had the pleasure of welcoming the talented Mark Kepeneghian, CEO and founder of Kriptown, who answers Yacine Sqalli's microphone for 1 hour. 🎙 Kriptown is THE Neo-Bourse for startups and SMEs. They offer everyone the opportunity to participate in the financing of startups and SMEs by investing in liquid form. ✊ Thanks to the use of its private blockchain, Kriptown democratizes access to fundraising by providing for each fundraising a standardized whitepaper on the company (inspired by the AMF prospectus) validated by three trusted third parties. Once the lifting is finalized, investors can buy or resell their tokens on the Kriptown platform! Kriptown is thus a new form of investment called ITO ▶️ Initial Token Offering. In this episode, we talk about: 🎙 His background, his lack of involvement in school, and his move to the US 🎙 How he accidentally became an entrepreneur 🎙 The role of financial markets in our society 🎙 The importance of controls and due-diligence of securities listed on Kriptown 🎙 Its "giveback" culture: how and why to help entrepreneurs? 🎙His fundraising of €1,35M, and why startups lie about the numbers 🎙The impostor syndrome 🎙Ambitions for the future and the international 🎙The galleys of an entrepreneur to find accommodation 🎙Plenty of other topics! Good listening to all ! 🎧 Check out their site! 👉 Thank you Mark for this conversation! 🙏

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