Inside the head of a CEO
#61 Gabriel Thierry (Karmen): On his transition from VC to entrepreneur, financing and the Karmen solution: Revenue-based financing & more.
Description of the episode
“We raised funds so you don't have to” This week we are bringing you a new inspiring conversation. We had the great pleasure of welcoming Gabriel Thierry, co-founder & CEO of Karmen, who answers Yacine Sqalli's microphone. 🎙 Karmen is the Revenue-based financing solution: they offer loans to all eligible companies, in less than 48 hours! With Karmen, you unlock immediate cash flow that boosts your performance, while maintaining full control of your business. The fintech has been in business for more than a year, has already raised €22m to finance its client companies, and employs around twenty people. 🚀 In this episode, we talk about: 🎙His long experience in the USA, and how he started working (for free) in Venture Capital 🎙The mentality in the USA - the "yes, can do" attitude 🎙The parallel between entrepreneurship and sport as a team: "I am 200% one of those who want to start as a team" 🎙 How he met his co-founders: Baptiste Wiel at the Master in trepreneurship X-HEC, then Sébastien Lubineau on LinkedIn 🎙 Their fundraising & the paradox of financing boxes that do not lift 🎙The sinews of war: real-time data via APIs, and the new scoring criteria 🎙His taste for entrepreneurship: "We like the hassle otherwise we wouldn't do that" 🎙The international ambitions: Southern Europe 🎙 Competition and how to stand out in a sustainable way 🎙 Lots of other topics! Good listening to all ! 🎧 Check out their site! 👉 Thank you Gabriel for this exchange! 🙏

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