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# 69 -Charles Egly (Younited Credit) - Everything you need to know about 'Credit as a Service' and 'Credit as a Payment'
Description of the episode
Everything you need to know about consumer credit in both B2C and B2B is this week's program. Charles gives us a maximum of details on the fundamental differences between consumer credit, mortgage, overdraft, and we come back to the concepts of 'Buy Now Pay Later', or even of 'Revolving'. You will discover how in 10 years, the French scale-up has become platformed thanks to its internationalization, thus making it possible to extend its offer to B2B whether it is to SMEs or to financial institutions. This deployment of new modules now allows Younited Credit to form 'Credit as a Service' or 'Credit as a Payment' partnerships. With the establishment of the Common Securitization Fund (FCT), Younited Credit collects money from professional investors (companies, insurers, foundations, pension funds). The funds collected are then used to grant consumer loans to borrowers. We come back to the different approvals necessary for Younited Credit in order to grant loans on the one hand and pay lenders on the other. Thus, from its launch, Younited Credit was approved in France as a Credit Institution and Investment Services Provider by the ACPR and the AMF. Charles explains how the company has become a key European player in consumer credit with EUR 2,7 billion in loans and payments taken out. We end with a light on the last funding round announced with Goldman Sachs and Bridgepoint and the skills sponsorship that Younited Credit deployed in 2017 with ADIE.

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